Apr. 22nd, 2001

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well i'm back home, home meaning the apartment that is mine for only a couple more days...

i was pleasantly surprised and i very much appreciate all of the responses to my last post, and the emails and you guys on irc earlier that were/are sympathetic and trying to help
kinda like a big ol cyber group hug, made me smile
BUT, yeah we're fully aware that something's not kosher here, that they really probably can't do this to us, but the reality is they are, and the reality is this is what happens to me, nothing to do but hit the ground rolling and move on
i realize the law is likely on our side and this could likely be fought.. the thing is we were trying to move anyway, and there'll be really nothing but more stress and prolonging the drama by resisting this

basically kids, i've got no fight left right now, i'm going to spend the next three days in frantic panicked packing and then tuck my tail between my legs and slink away

so yeah the plan, we box up everything but computers and essentials, it all goes into a 10x10 climate controlled storage thing, all our clothes go into bags or just car and computers and us, we find out tomorrow if we get to stay with dom

that's probably what's keeping me awake, more uncertainty

we'll be fine, we'll get through, we always do
there's always a way
trust in the kalthrax

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as i was laying in bed a bit ago trying to go to sleep i thought back to the night before as i was trying to go to sleep i was wondering where i was going to be in a couple months and thinking curious thoughts about what my life will be like 6 hours south of the area i've spent about 16 years

and i thought, things are progressing along at a snail's pace it doesn't feel like things will ever be different then they are right this moment, perhaps it will take something drastic to change my thread in the tapestry

speculating of course, that this drastic thing would be something like moving to L.A. much sooner than expected

i'm going to go take a candle-lit shower and try to relax, as i try to sleep my brain keeps trying to plan out tomorrow, trying to pack for me, and i think of the sheer amount of STUFF we have and the sheer amount of activity required to accomplish this and suffocating panic bites at me (sharp pointy teef!)

shower, hopefully to be relaxing, can't accomplish anything if i get no sleep

so there.


Apr. 22nd, 2001 10:26 am
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woken up against my will, disgruntled, throat hurts

however it's for a good reason =D
kal and i are about to go over to dom's to discuss details with him but he did say yes
house rules we have to agree to i guess, we'll be renting out a room, it's gonna be cramped BUT we there is hottub and dsl there (yay)
and of course full dom molestation access
my weekend has taken a turn for the not so scary :)


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