Dec. 10th, 2014

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This was a bit amazing. This was on fb (natch) in response to a friend posting the first of the two sexodus articles

The actual thread is much, much longer, as our dude highlighted here was (thank glob) actually a small fraction of the commentors, and notice there are no likes on any of his comments. You'll have to take my word for the fact that nearly every other comment was filthy with likes. Our OP appears as "D" in the first entry, and that's just a small amount of his wonderful comments. Some of OP's replies to T were larger than I could even screencap in one go.

While I normally try to highlight the wonderful rather than yet another mansplainer, these were just sort of amazingly beautiful textbook replies, as if there's a playbook he's just copying out of.

At one point I gave up and simply replied with the recent chainsawsuit which references more the racial issues in current news, but seemed ridiculously appropriate to this.

And our 'splainer T actually replied almost identical to some of the hilarious sarcastic comments actually on Straub's site to that comic itself.

I said I was done and just pasted some of the particularly relevant sarcastic comments, which resulted in the final comment in which he calls me out for being a weak woman who needs coddling. Which is so hilariously beautiful that I can't even reply even if I weren't already done encouraging him to wave his arse about. What's extra brilliant is our OP is one of my super long term friends from the early 90s, so there's levels of amusement for me there.


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