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Monday! lil took me to get my nails done, then we went to chillis, and then got chinese food to bring home to cryo and fade, i've been getting progressively sleepier since then, then i had an argument/discussion/something with kal last night that was mildly emotionally draining, even tho it ended well i've been lethargic today

i love these people i do!

but, i'm travelweary.. i can hear my bed and my messy townhouse calling me across the country

i want to pet my spanky and snuggle my mexican

what do you want to bet this time tomorrow i'll be writing a miss cryo lil and fade post?

but i'll still be happy to be home

wonderful toys they're sending me home with, i don't know how to thank them so i get all awkward :/

i SHOULD be able to put big computer back together now, and nic card willing i'll be able to use my radio equip again, and usb attachment working or usb card finding and i'll have the permanent cams mounted i've been whining about

here's more info than most of you want to know

the original eriscam, the quickcam pro parallel will be attaching to kal's computer in the bedroom and mounted on the shelf in the corner, and always be on there, warning, will be highly filtered when he's around, but that's why it's on his computer so he can control that and be happy

new quickcam pro usb will be mounted on it's shelf in the corner above my desk in my soon to be divided from spanky's room/ office studio, the crappy silly earthlink usb cam will also be attached to that computer and will run down to be mounted in the corner of the living room downstairs

my favorite 3com homeconnect usb camera will stay on the laptop and follow me around sitting on things or on a tripod, for things that the stationary cams won't catch, beside me sleeping, beside me in office thing, in kitchen and the oft requested shower cam

NO i do not intend to mount a cam permanently in the shower right now, i'd prefer a wireless cam for that

FOUR, count 'em FOUR cams


and, the evil mean mister Cryo traded me his 6 gig that he wasn't using for my 4 gig, AND put windows ME on the laptop, so far the laptop is SOO much happier YAY for evil mean cryos ;)

and and and .... i think that's it

i know once i start classes in jan that i'll start wishing for mobile cam again, but at least i'll be a cool kid and take notes on a laptop

last night here
georgia time is 11:41pm i have to be up at 5am and my four hour flight leaves at 8:40am
arrives in sac at 10:47pm PST, ain't time changes neat?

so i must sleep now
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it's too early for me to think, so right now i don't remember what i did yesterday.. i'm about to trade my 4 gig hd to cryo for a 6 gig, it's like packing, horribly afraid i've forgotten to move something into the folder that i'm saving....

too tired

Nov. 26th, 2000 08:53 pm
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uhm what'd i do today?
yummy breakfast
quiznos for lunch, also yummy

a day of food

lil made a channel called #mybutt

the punniest channel on warped, also one of the most popular, go figure, everyone likes my butt

come join my butt,
we'll be mostly idle in my butt tonight
but i'm sure there'll be lots of fun to be had in my butt on the morrow

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huge amounts of silliness happened .. yesterday morning?

i don't remember, after the foot fetish cam silliness i was stretching on floor, fade joined me and we started pseudo yoga silliness, then fade found a real yoga site so we tried all the positions in the "housewife" section

lots of giggling

then lil woke up and took fade and i out to breakfast and after that we went to F.A.O. Shwartz(sp?) and ran around like giggling idiots, we got too much candy and lil got yet another dolphin thing, and fade gave in and bought a pack of boy crazy cards (boycrazy) scarey things

THEN we went to barnes and noble, got silly in the gay and lesbian section, freaked out lil with a book entitled "anal sex and health" it had diagrams no less

THEN to a craft store, were i guess i was beginning to get really tired because the large amount of people freaked me the fuck out, and over to office max to look for pens, i stared at usb extension cables and such while they looked

then back here and to sleep, i slept way to fucking long and still woke up feeling like crap, i wish my sinus issues would go the fuck away, at least i'm not coughing constantly now

that's it, stop reading now
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fear search engines

lil and i went to see red planet, really cool, but they screwed us on the titty shots

was much fun

sitting in theatre with cryo and fade, talking about odd search strings and warped stuff

not very informative
i care not :P


do you get around in your tangerine speedo?
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if it weren't for irc i'd think the world had ended
i am such a dork
i woke up and all was horribly quiet so i took a shower, got dressed, talked to people on irc,

somehow my stupid brain decides to wonder if they're all dead (cryo, fade, lil)
it's dark
it's a house that a horror movie could be staged in
it's raining
it's quiet

at first i didn't want to go into the basment cause people might still be sleeping, now i don't want to go find them dead, and the more i wait the more of an idiot i am, i'm giggling at myself,

SOMEONE is bound to come up stairs eventually right?

i'm now sitting out in the upstairs hallway that is open and you can look down into the living room, i think i hear tv/movie noises coming from the basement theatre, but as i stupidly pointed out to myself they could have been killed during a movie

god i'm a dork
yet still i sit
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damnit i really need to stop writing the big supposedly informative entrys when i'm tired as hell

begin at the beginning bitch..

this lingering sinus thing is annoying as all hell tho the cough is calming
i awoke and my head felt like someone had stuffed cotton into it, talked to lil about via irc and decided hot tea and hot bath would be a good idea

so i took both laptop with both cams into the bathroom, TUB IRC! new thing, rather fun, the hot bath and tea did wonders for my head (i know i'm going to go through wavlan withdrawals again when i leave mmmwirelessconnection)

after bath i got dressed up, cause i could i guess, then took laptop and cams downstairs and talked with lil while she finished dinner, fade and cryo were down in the theatre watching football, then dinner was ready and they came up

the tireder i get the less descriptive i am

the food was really really yummy (hey we never had pie!) then cryo went back to football, fade hung around and talked with lil and i, then i talked to lil while she put stuff away, then sitting and talking and she asked if i wanted to go to a movie, guess the other two had gone to sleep, so we looked at the listings and chose unbreakable

pretty good movie, not what i was expecting, huge mall

we went to sit down and the previews were all for kids movies, we thought that was kinda odd, but didn't think too much of it, then the lights dimmed for the movie and the beginning of 102 dalmatians started, we were afraid we'd gone in the wrong theatre, turned around and everyone was reacting, several people went out to complain, and finally they got the right movie going

came back after, hung out with lil watching a thing about strippers in her room, then went downstairs and hung out(hung out? can't i find a better term?) with cryo and fade, SCSi lured our friend n00dleboy thru phone calls into irc from work, fun fun domdom in irc

tired tired rambling eris

nice relaxing good food random lil hugs fun movie silly irc thanksgiving

i'm thankful that i'm happy, that's it :)
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elvis and kat came over and took me out clubbing, the plan was to go to a goth club, the first one was fairly dead and playing very ungothclub like music, but really cool looking, so we went elsewhere, to other supposed gothy like clubs that had turned into normal like clubs

and driven all around atlanta having things pointed out to me and stories told to me, had lots of fun just hanging out with them despite the lack of club finding

ended up at this small fake-foggy place playing techno music with an oxygen bar in the corner (weird shit batman) and danced a while :)

was fun, i'm tired so it's not very descriptive

in Georgia

Nov. 22nd, 2000 12:24 am
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another disjointed entry:
i'm here, tired, sat and talked and stuff with cryo and fade :), lil picked me up from the airport, my head was all plugged from the plane but halfway thru babbles with lil i tried the plug nose and blow thing again and my ears popped!

cryo seems overly concerned at my bits of a cold left over, he covered me with his soft blanket and brought me tissues while i was down in the office

i really sound bad but other than tired i feel wonderfully better

i'm sleeping up here in the room with a nook bed with eric the fish and cams on


sleep now.
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What is eris talking about
in case you weren't paying attention to answer to what's on eris' head was dye and a shower cap

and now,
What is(are) eris(and lil) talking about?

lil> see, I accomodate all sorts of things here
eris> IT'S TOO BIG!
eris> hah now this one's stuck
eris> guess that'll keep me from sticking my finger in it
* eris pulls at it
lil> hehe
eris> well if it went in it'll come out right?
* eris blinks
lil> yeah, it'll probably need a little flat screwdriver help
eris> maybe it should have a string on it like a tampon
* eris continues to pull at the thingy
eris> it's not stuck .. persay,
eris> needs a bit of a cord i guess
eris> if it had a tiny slot in the top i could stick my thumbnail in that while pushing on the latch thingy and pull
eris> my fingers are getting sore trying to pull this out of my slot
eris> *snork*
lil> that's quite a quote there eris
lil> ;-P
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i'm on fade's laptop so i didn't wanna fuck with her LJ client so i'm updateing from the lj page
feels weird

we slept in the room with no windows, so we slept a bit long

hi this is the inane journal entry
should i tell you i brushed my teeth this morning?

i hear spanky is worried, and we called and he didn't answer and i couldn't get into my email, so

cryo is trying to get my laptop on the network

end of post?


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