Apr. 24th, 2001

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tired, tired, crampy, tired
even with all the tiring work this is becoming a little fun, our room at dom's now looks like a dorm room
however it seems the last move of the desktop computer (from one part of this room to the other) finally killed the motherboard
oh well
my life is full of boxes and putting things in boxes, and bags and handing boxes and bags to boys to put on a truck,
so i have nothing to say really, except that i wish right now were tomorrow night
maybe dom will let me install grim fandango on his computer?
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very short time in hot tub (i thought i was going to fall asleep in it) but very helpful, not so sore, must pass out now

took my hair down, it's been in crazy bun thing consistently since this whole fiasco started and it's getting heavy
*sigh* says my scalp
*sigh* says my feet and legs
thank you for the hot tubbing says my me

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*sniffle* disorientation, hmm empty stomach
itchy eyes

ah yes it's Tuesday, we're speculating on when the landlords will show up to hang around and make us nervous, since the "official" check out time is 6pm i'm expecting they'll show up around 1 or 2, kal said the male part of the former owner couple eddie was around outside earlier yesterday, i was half expecting to run into him on a trip to the truck or the dumpster, the exchange in my head went like this
eddie: hello, how are you today? (he's always horribly polite)
me: oh perfectly wonderful, you know i've always wondered what it'd be like to spend 3 days franticly moving everything from a 2bdrm apt into a 10x10 storage shed and trying to figure out where i'm going to live.


this sudden panicked activity and cardboard dust and everygoddamn thing in this valley blooming are really fucking with my sinuses, last night my throat looked like strep, pretty damn near to feeling like it too, so before i slept i drank lots of water and took a bunch of pills, throat still looks pretty nasty but it's not hurting now, so at least if it's going to decide to be strep it'll wait till after today at least, and also i'm now living somewhere with more people around and i'm not too far away from County hospital so if it does decide to be strep it's not that far to go sit for 7 hours then get a shot in the butt and be better

have i mentioned yet that dom is thE coolest kid ever? well he is, yup.
ooo i gotta find my tapes so i can take the video camera today, i really wanted to also measure the apt before we left so i could make a floor plan cause i could never properly draw one just guessing

my goal, my aspiration, my greatest accomplishment, the thing i look forward to most right now, is coming back here tonight and making a livejournal entry saying THANK GOD THAT'S OVER!


Apr. 24th, 2001 08:44 am
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ink filled needles, hollow needles, my skin,
i should like at least one more tattoo and one more piercing before the big move
my life has changed again, time for a bookmark
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tired, been back for a while, playin grim fandango a bit, gonna go out to eat i think
i got reallys sad toward the end, farther called and found out that (as suspected) we get NONE of the deposit left so we just ended up not tidying/cleaning and leaving a bunch of shit there we didn't need, i'm such a pack rat so that was very sad
but we're done
close the book on the lodi chapter of our lives
hello whatever's next, how's the wife and kids


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