Apr. 21st, 2001


Apr. 21st, 2001 07:15 pm
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hi, uhm i'm at dom's house .... we're all three of us sortof upset at the moment, we were sitting around this morning trying to decide what to do today and i went upstairs to go to the bathroom, and there was a loud banging on the door and then the doorbell rang, when i came out i discover that we've been served notice and WE'VE GOT THREE FUCKING DAYS to vacate our apt. we tried calling the landlady to find out why but there was no answer, so i called my father (his name is on the lease cause he helped me get the apt) he wasn't home from church yet so we proceded to drive into stockton to see if we could find him, i called him again on kal's celphone right as we hit the city limits and he was home, the connection was bad so i just yelled "we'll be at your house in a few minutes!"

after we got there my father got ahold of the landlady and she refused to talk to him and handed the phone to the eviction lady she'd hired

anyhow the short of it is, they want our apt, presumably because there's no mgmt office on the premisis and that would be OUR unit if there was one

they were very rude and wouldn't even give us a DAY leeway, so TUESDAY at 6pm we've got to be out or they'll put a lockbox on the door and sell our stuff

soooo father rented a storage unit for us and we're going to move everything but essentials into the storage ...........................

and then i don't know what, I'M FUCKING HOMELESS *sigh* there's a possibility we might be able to stay with dom, if not kal's friend dave will let us live in his garage

i'm alternating between being amused at the absurdity of the situation and just sadpissedoff

hi i'm eris, and i have no idea where i'll be living as of Tuesday


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