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Jan. 2nd, 2006 12:45 pm
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In the interests of keeping one of the resolutions,
here's a list post, but maybe not very funny.

What eris is doing at work:

* Taking calls (natch)
* Discovering I can still write just as well with either hand.
* Bothering J with this information.
* Forcing J to guess which hand I wrote what with.
* Being pleased when he guesses wrong.
* Discovering the first 5 numbers in the fibbonacci(sp?) sequence are the same both ways when rendered as coloured in blocks on my graph paper.
* Bothering J with this information.
* Taking a longer break than I should and writing this post
* Worrying
* Suddenly being informed by Karl that he's having hot flashes and his nipples are sore.
* Trying to think of more stuff for this list to avoid ending my break.
* Failing at the above.
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My workday was like three days long.
I was very tired.

I almost thought my ride wasn't going to show up,
and I'd have to try to drive the caddy,
but he did show.

Below pictures are from waiting for ride.

Why is tired at home,
so more comfortable and pleasant?

Tired at work is just,
like a high pitched whine that won't leave.

Someday I'm going to find the person at work who whistles the clown song,

Speaking of clowns,
happy birthday [ profile] radioactivclown
though a day late.
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A closer picture of my phone shelf.

These are suppose to be an origami fox and penguin.

my tiny boxes.
larger one has my pushpins.

I threw one of my origami cube boxes at Karl,
and he crushed it and tossed it back,
I've been calling it my origami boulder,
today he signed it.

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Wait ...
do you see that subject line? ^

Yeah customers can still chomp my left nut with rusty dentures,
but I'm having more fun.
I should post some pictures of my cube which I took today.

My team is in our own place,
and we have assigned cubes again.
Plus I like most of my team quite a lot.
So when it's slow there's plenty of people to bullshit with.

I'm having a cube war though,
some other person sits in my cube on my days off.
and they squashed a bunch of my origami boxes!

I left an (at least I thought so) fairly polite note,
saying that this is an assigned cube,
you're welcome to use it when I'm not here,
but to please respect my cube toys.

On my days off I went to Target and got some cube organizy things.

I came back on Friday,
and person had written on my note some rude things,
which included:

Excuse me?
Yup, that's my name placard on the wall marking it as an assigned cube.

So yeah, as you'll see in the upcoming pictures,
my cube very much looks like a personal cube.


I'm just sad I'll miss cube-stealer's face tomorrow when they see it.


Sep. 7th, 2005 08:13 pm
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Last day of training with my favouritest trainer ever.

I didn't learn anything that he didn't teach me the first time I was working here.
But he's fun.

Back out on the phones for me.
Tech-support eris!

But hopefully right back into training for next level of tech support,
then hopefully up to a position that gets me off the damn phones.

Been at work from 10 to midnight most days for the past few weeks,
due to J having a wildly different schedule.
so now only to an hour difference.

Oh Glorious Sleep!
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I stumble upon while I work.

I pixeled out my work software :)
And yes I'm aware I've got far too much crap on my desktop.



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