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This is weird, look at the number of views.
I can't imagine how this video would be at all interesting,
unless you're selene, or you know me very well.
Or if you have some sort of watchingpackagesbeingopened fetish.

Also, it's at least 550 views more than any other video.
It must be a youtube glitch,
I'll probably write support about it later.

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Just me babbling like a crazy person.
I talk about my silliness on okcupid the other day,
and the silly cheaters on youtube.
I also reveal the secret to being a popular youtuber.
Don't be like me. =D

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MUSIC: Royalty-Free Silent film music.
Friendly Day
Royal Banana
(from incompetech.com )
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J has been asking me to put the prodigy song to this video since he saw it,
I have no idea who the original owner of this is,
it's been all over the internets.
Here's two links from youtube and two from google video.

Also been seen on ebaums world, but I don't link to them.

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MUSIC: (obviously)
Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy

youtube link one
youtube link two
Google link one
Google link two
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First a standard sort of bloggy deal,
talking about why we didn't go to ren faire,
and upcoming GRG visit.
Then a bunch of random silliness that didn't go in other videos.

Watch out for the accidental product placement in the background,
Target, Mc D's.

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My Heart Beats Like A Drum - ATC
Prince Charming - Adam And The Ants
Feels Like Fire - Santana/Dido
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Spanky won't watch this cause my face isn't in it.
I've had this song in my head for a while,
I posted the lyrics few posts ago.

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It's a short song so I wanted to see if I could edit something exactly the same length.
The driving bits are actually from a totally different day,
possibly even a different week, shhh!
I didn't take any video on the way to the canyon,
I was too distressed at having to pee to think about it.
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She sent me a lovely package full of soaps while I was offline.
I meant to make her a video out of this and just mail it to her before the internets were back,
but I didn't really touch my computer during that time.

It's really not very interesting, just me opening the box and being a dork.

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Music: Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
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Watch out for my powers of invisibility at the end.

A departure from the usual, this won't happen often, I babble enough in livejournal.
I'll remember to talk louder next time though,
just feel silly being loud, all alone in a bathroom.

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MUSIC: Make a wish - Conjure one
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Excerpts from Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and the Carpenter
(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

Push it - Garbage
Years - Conjure one

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I know J's too quiet in one bit,
I couldn't fix that and keep everything together,
no really precise audio control, sorry.
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The J-man and I go to the grocery store,
we see many sorts of squash.
A blood pressure machine tries to steal my arm,
and maybe I escape.

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Look out for the monster at the end!

MUSIC: The Aquabats - Lobster Bucket


Sep. 27th, 2006 12:50 am
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Just messing around the the camera attempting to read the whole poem off the screen,
and failing. Also am not very use to the camera so keep aiming it too high.
I AM queen of the hold camera at arm's length picture,
but each new camera takes learning to get it right.

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And yes, messing with silly effects,
just getting use to the program.
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This actually amuses me far more than the finished product.

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And also, the lighting wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was,
just not as bright as I wanted it.
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This is the same silly video I uploaded before,
but I fixed the audio sync issue
and just finished deleted and replacing all videos on youtube.

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So that is the fixed version,
an edited together, slightly funnier one of outtakes will follow.


Sep. 26th, 2006 10:08 pm
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YAY! I have fixed the audio out of sync issue that happens after I upload to youtube.
So I'm resizing, deleting existing copy on youtube, and then reuploading.

The videos were originally in the size suggested by youtube, even though it makes it a little bigger,
biut if I save in 640x480 then somehow it is able to make it smaller for youtube,
without fucking up my audio.

Did I mention; YAY!?
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I keep seeing this boat in parking lot where I have been most weekends,
once drunk I insisted that it must have a clue in.
Cause it's the only thing lit up in that corner.
That's one of the ways they draw your attention to important things in video games.

I'm muttering and the sound is far from awesome,
the transcript of what I'm muttering below video:

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I think there's a clue in the boat,
like a video game.
He says there are monsters in the boat.

But see? It's lit up.
Rest the parking lot all dark.

I don't think there are any monsters in the boat.
Bouncy picture,
no such thing as a steadycam rig for a tiny digital camera.
It's like a mummy boat,

Now how am I suppose to tell if there's a clue in there?
Cause it's totally ...
Walk up to it and press "a"?
Life is not a video game
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On Friday night just [profile] filthykitten and I went out to Chili's.
In this video she shows me the proper way to break through a hard candy shell.

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Sep. 15th, 2006 12:15 am
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Why is the audio out of sync?
ugh EDIT: Became annoyed at the out of sync audio. deleted it to reupload.
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Didn't realise the camera also records sound until I watched it.
For some reason on youtube it errors at the end, but all you're missing is me continuing to flip off the camera.

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This is horrid, I look like crap, wasn't intending to show, but was too entertained.
The next thing I upload will be much better, I promise.


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