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if it weren't for irc i'd think the world had ended
i am such a dork
i woke up and all was horribly quiet so i took a shower, got dressed, talked to people on irc,

somehow my stupid brain decides to wonder if they're all dead (cryo, fade, lil)
it's dark
it's a house that a horror movie could be staged in
it's raining
it's quiet

at first i didn't want to go into the basment cause people might still be sleeping, now i don't want to go find them dead, and the more i wait the more of an idiot i am, i'm giggling at myself,

SOMEONE is bound to come up stairs eventually right?

i'm now sitting out in the upstairs hallway that is open and you can look down into the living room, i think i hear tv/movie noises coming from the basement theatre, but as i stupidly pointed out to myself they could have been killed during a movie

god i'm a dork
yet still i sit


Nov. 16th, 2000 09:22 am
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after being at comdex we went back to the hotel and then got picked up by doc for dinner, Cyd hasn't been feeling well but she cooked anyhow, wonderfully good food

i had had a scratchy throat while waiting for doc, it just got worse as the night progressed, so we came back to the hotel and shrubber was sweet and got me juice and stuff, i just woke up a bit ago, throat is not happy, don't feel as feverish, rather glad i got sick on the last day here..

my flight outta here is at noon-something.......

maybe i'll make another entry before i leave, maybe not

AT comdex

Nov. 15th, 2000 04:31 pm
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i'm at a novell display, i checked email and i'm updating this from the web client,i believe my cam is still on in the hotel room
my feet are tired, i was not succesful in any tshirt getting but i got a bunch of mircrosoft coffee
we still haven't been out of the convention center, now i know why this thing is a week long, it's soo damn huge!
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2 things learned today:
1. Mexicans can fly.
2. Geeks emit dust.

didn't have my badge from cyd yet so whenever it was that shrubber and i woke we went to the buffet, the wandered around Circus Circus, saw a flying mexican show in the circus part, then we went over to the hilton and went on the star trek ride
then after we wandered around some more then went to Quarks bar and got a WARP CORE BREACH which is a giant bowl of booze with dry ice, and some good food too :)

then we went to the club where cyd was going to be reading and acted like 7th graders and had fun and now we're back and i'm again tired as fuck

this entry is more detailed than the last, but i'mstill tired
and stuff and things


Nov. 14th, 2000 03:17 am
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well we missed the girlgeeks thing, but shrubber won nearly $40 on nickle slots from $1
then we met them at a greek resturant
then to the doubledown

then to this goth club

was kinda sad
i was very tired

then what was to be the last song came on and woke me from my half asleep state

Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting (The Vampire song)

i danced!
that was much fun for me

was notso annoyed at the trendy goth things

can you tell i'm very tired?
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going out to the girlgeeks recption then to a .. well read Cyd's journal about the place we're going after

and we're taking the laptop for pictures and stuff and things

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it's nearly 7am and i'm awake and cold
i've got me to wash and clothes to wash
and i had more to say when i sat down here

i'll be in vegas for a few days for Comdex

then a few days after i come home i'll leave again for GA to see the warped gang for thanksgiving, Spanky will also be leaving the same day to go to texas for the holidays but he won't be back till after xmas


then a few days after spanky gets back Courtney is having a little party of sorts, Dec 2, sounds silly and fun, and i don't have to FLY to get there

i'm gonna be tired of flying for a while after all this maybe?

maybe not.

of course cams and laptop coming with me
both cams.

cyd thinks she can put me on her network?
but i have earthlink so i'll be on from hotel room as well

washing and packing to do

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off to the airport

leaving las vegas .....

come wave to my plane, i'll be the girl in the ponytail with the not-hers evil inside shirt and the confused expression
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i'm tired
i'm discontented
my shoulders hurt

my kingdom for a massage

i did just have an encourageing talk with my father about the houseing situation, i just was really hopeing that it would have been worked out while i was gone, so i didn' have to deal with it

wishfull thinking

it's hard unbraiding fake purple hair from real purple hair, confuses me

there must be some prufundity here

here i sit unbraiding and out in the othe room cyd sits braiding

my life is filled with weird balances and cycles

no matter how much you people make fun of me that pattern of 2's that happened at eriscon freaked me out

anyhow, this IS THE LAST POST FROM VEGAS unless i post right before i leave to airport

screw you guys, i'm going home
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*sigh* ok monday .. i slept alot, but BB and i wanted to go out and see more ov vegas before we leave, so we went to the venetion(sp) walked thru the OHSOBEAUTIFUL inside/outside, didn't get to ride the gondolas cause they were sold out, went down to the casino, gambled abit, still have quarters in my pocket, cute lil floor drink girl brought me possibly the STRONGEST white russian i've ever had .. i GAKED alot

then we went out and rode the moveing sidewalks OHSOFUN!! silly fun
then we went to a all night buffett and now we're back :)
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ok lets see, didn't get around to updateing right away, stress and tiredness overtook me

we went to the startrek thingy, it was DAMN COOL, they transported us in one part and it's bugging the hell out of me cause i can't figure out how they did it, i can figure it out all except for the floor *sigh* i WILL know some day

well we did that thing and it was cool, the right after it we went to Quark's bar, which was cool but missing Dabo tables and dabo girls, (sighi'matreckie) there were quite a few things i took issue with being that i'm such a nerd, but it was still DAMN COOL

haveing issues dealing with a few things, must rest fingers, cont. next entry
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only 2 posts yesterday!!!

silly qt calling me mysterious down there, i havta admit it's kinda fun (sounding mysterious that is) ... waiting for an email that i know won;t come for a while (reference to below entry) it's horrid to only have contact with someone via the internet when said persons don't even have their own computer

so i sit

here i sit
broken hearted
had to shit
but only farted

*snortsnicker* i saw that in the women's bathroom in a bar here, and i've only ever seen that in men's bathrooms .... what an exciteing experiance /sarcasm

N-E-how i believe we're going to the oh so touted star trek experiance soon here, BB came in on the flying busssss yesterday and he is now in the shower

i believe that i'm going to be trashy enough to wear what i wore last night .. well cause i liked it soo much and well i just looked damn cute in it (ifidosaysomyself)

only a few more days here, and i'm just really torn, it's been fun and i wanna stay, but it's been a while since i've been away from home this long,not sure if i've been away from the mexican this long .. and i want to be home, but butbut

no i'm not going to whine, house/living situation will happen the way it happens with or without my damn bitching .. and also there are people at home i want to see, but don'[t want to ..... see my quandry

i've discovered something from being away, i've got friends .. odd thing that .. dunno how much i like it ... guess i do, and maybe some people should have just stayed text, *snicker*

speaking of people no longer text! hey QT! we keep missing each other by like minutes online, so if we don't talk right away online when i get home then just call me, or just call me either way =)

fuck email, too hard, she'll just read my journal, yeah QT call me we'll go out and i'll babble all my soap opera-esque babbles at you ;)

-------- end post -------
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not a whole hellofalotta journal posts, hell i haven't been on talking here as much, just on cam alot

i'm still in vegas, and well there's alot of shit going on in my head that just can't be writtin down

some cause it concerns privacy of others, some cause well other parties read this and .... well ..... shit i alwasy mocked people who said this in journals and stuff .. but me ... wonderfull full disclosure girl has to be non-disclosure girl ... hopefully i can babble about all of it online at a later date .. at least i have real flesh and blood people to babble at so i'm not soo ansty

and markw i still hold to my comment in channel. i don't even know if he reads this, i said something similar in journal here, to the tune of my life is turning into a giant funhouse ride, and FUCK YOU I'M STAYING ON

more or less, in so many words:
change is good sometimes even if some is confuseing as shit
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whoah so many icq messages, trying to keep me from writeing in journal

well at least i feel popular

going out tonight, guess i "get" to meet people, heh, trying to get UN-tired


ok there it goes, ack i'm soo discontented with my journal now, cyd is just always so profound, i'm just silly


we took spanky to airport :( he should be getting in, in about an hour

we didn't want to see him go, cyd and i got a bit sniffly as we watched the plane

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mmmmmm . . . enchiladas . . . i have sucked them into my web of mole' . . . of course they likely hate them, but that means more for me!!!!

to the strip, drag them through the casinos so poor spanky has more memories than just the a/c breaking for a day . . .
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nearly 7am
duh read the time stamp
sleep is soon to come
doc just left to work, i peeked thru the doorway at cyd, she's curled up in the middle of the bed all cute and sucking her thumb, i wanted to go in there and sit there and watch her sleep
but that's just werid
she's not on cam so that'd be creepy to do that in person i suppose
so i'll just tattoo spanky whilst he sleeps

heh heh
uhm yeah
and all the stupid drivers on the vegas strip last night can BITE MY ASS :D

that's it
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ok well attempting and entry here
i was going to be all cool and change the date on my computer so it would look like i made entrys while at eriscon
but i'm a lazy bitch

the boring version:
well katy came in a day early
n00dleboy was ill (as you can see below) so i had to scramble to get a ride, BB and i went to the eric idle show which was DAMN cool
silly songs and dancing girls :D
we got booze, got silly, got on cam a little bit, were haveing horrid connection problems
nic and KT got a lot of silly pix on their digi cameras so those should be up soon for seeing

we had lots and lots of silly fun, despite rocky start and lack of planning

the last night spanky was whineing that he didn't wanna go home so i said come with me to vegas, well the kid has his mum wrapped around his lil finger so she got him a ticket on the same flight as me
so here we are, at cyd's and on cam, having some upload problems with my site, so the campic is the same on eriscam.com and fabulousdisaster.com, :D and and
i can't remember, i'm done typing for now *SIGH*


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