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Blonde roots. Just bleached.
Makes me consider going all blonde for a bit.
What think you?

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However, as I was waiting for J to get his paycheque, sitting by the Bally's fountain,
I discovered that I had forgotten the memory card, so could only take a couple pictures.

Regardless, that was far more fun than expected.
J figured that we would have spent around $500 on the whole thing,
instead we came out a $1 ahead at checkout.
But then we stopped at the giftshop on the way out and got some souvenir stuffs.

When we checked in there was a bunch of people dressed up all roman,
though the chicks looked a bit Egyptian.
I had already discovered that my memory card was gone,
so somehow this didn't encourage me to get very close to take a better picture.
Maybe I thought that I'd want to take more pictures if I got closer?

We got up to the room, there was some jumping on the bed,
ordered room service, watched a movie, Employee of the Month.
It was entertaining, but horribly cast, Dane Cook is no Ryan Reynolds.
I took a nap, then we went out a bit.

We thought we could walk from Caesars Palace to the Walgreens across from the Stardust.
It was cold, ugh, we only made it to the Venetian, and grabbed a cab for rest of way.
Got back to Caesars, went to the slice bar, and then back up to room.
Watched Man of the year. (I loved it, better than I expected),
and then some sub-par horror movie with Sarah Michelle Geller.
It was entertaining.

Um, I think we did the Jacuzzi tub before movies, I'm not sure.
So I didn't get any decent pictures of the room.

Here's my feet in the Jacuzzi tub the next morning.
I wanted to take the tub home, I could live in that tub.

Here's the bed the next morning, after sleeping and hotel sex.

The keycards were pretty nifty, shows a view of caesars palace in 1966 and now.
I couldn't get a very good picture of it as you can see.
Then the little things we bought. A set of shot glasses which has guy on one side,
and says Vivi, Ama e Conquista (Live, Love, and Conquer) on the other side.
And just a set of playing cards, we played blackjack and texas hold 'em between busses.

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First is the E shaped chicken strip from last night.
The second thing is this awesome little book thing mal gave me.
The little pen holds it closed, you pull out the pen, and it pops open.
You can sorta see my shakey ass handwriting from last night also.

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Latsterday, I decided to put on far too much makeup.
Ended up looking rather scary,
and remembered how much lipstick annoys me.

Anyway, here are the pictures.

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I just realised that I don't think that I've posted a picture,
of my pink wrassling boots, actually on me.

I took this picture in Durango Lodge ... sometime before dec 24th,
it's in the directory of the 24th cause that's when I xferred it off card apparently.

Anyway, I do believe they're a brighter pink than this in real life.


Dec. 26th, 2006 02:41 pm
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There are a ton more pictures and videos of the classic car museum,
and a few more of the tiny village, I'll look through those later.

On Christmas day we went to Laughlin, NV
to have Mexican food for Christmas lunch.

Then went up to the impressive classic car museum and wandered around for a while.

Back to mother's house, in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road.

And took a bunch of pictures of her and her husband,
in their Christmas square dancing outfits.
I thought this was was particularly cute.

Later mother and I went looking at christmas lights,
someone had an entire tiny village in their yard,
was very difficult to get pictures of because I coudln't see shit on the viewscreen,
here's one of the tiny houses.

Lastely, for now, a very shocked looking Mary and Joseph,
and  somewhat soaplike baby Jesus.

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The yarn is recycled silk fabric.
It's soft and all kinds of inconsistant pretty.
The skinny scarf is only about 2 to 2 and a half inches wide, if that.

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Made my mother re-teach me crochet.
making a skinny, long scarf,
watching scifi,
with mother's laptop in her livingroom,
while they're asleep

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So I finally figured out how to upload.


Nov. 7th, 2006 09:18 pm
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Crazy Puta

Nov. 4th, 2006 03:28 pm
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Well ... hello there livejournal.

I was up last night, way longer than usual,
when distressed, get as silly as possible is the way it goes in erisland.
Cornered a friend, and tormented him with me making stupid faces on cam.

Which resulted in me attempting to dress up as a mexican gangster chick.
I only had a camo bandana, not a red or blue one, and no big hoop earrings,
so not quite the whole illusion.

I got caught by the girlroommate all made up like that too.
Which was terribly amusing.

Anyway, on with the fluff.

+3 )
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Couldn't find a wallpaper I liked so I made one out of a picture I already had.

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Painted my hands t'other day,
the bits on top of left hand are still somewhat there, but mostly faded.
The palm of right hand washed off in the shower next day.

It smells like rubbing alcohol,
it was a much more brownyred colour in actuality,
however, I don't believe there's any actual henna in, but it's fun.

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After sleeping only 5ish hours for the past two nights,
I turned to harder drugs to force a better amount of sleep last night.
Even though I knew I'd be groggy as fuck when I woke,
which I was, but it was more entertaining than anything.

I dreamed I slept 20 hours,
woke up, and discovered it had been 13.
Way too much, but must have been making up the difference.

So, this was J's last day off. mid-week, for a while,
so groceries were the plan for the day,
but first we went out to food.
Grocery shopping didn't have any pictures taken,
wasn't as interesting anyway.

Deciding what food to eat, eris gets a  chikun sammach and a sody,
J gets eleventy billion burgers and fries.
This is take two, he's holding the camera, it was too close when I tried holding it
Stupid.little.girl.arms!. Plus I look really stoned.

Then after eating we went over to hang out on my tiny hill for a bit,
this is the view from the top towards the street.

This is the flat space atop the tiny hill,
perfect for picnics, I think!
I want to have a picnic here, but when less windy

See? it's very windy, eris attempts to take a picture of self,
eris makes horrible face, places camera between her and sun.
Fail, but a funny fail. You can see shadows of my bracelets

These are the pretty fountains across the street from little hill,
it's some sort of gated community with a golf course,
which is very common here in this area of sin city.

Here is view from street towards my tiny hill,
J is king of the mountain and very very small in this picture.

Then back to the car, eris did find a foam sword in gutter.
I totally kept it.
Score. free toy sword.


Sep. 20th, 2006 12:57 am
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So, [livejournal.com profile] filthykitten invited me out to Thai food and hang out with her.
I decided to try to see if I can remember how to take proper pictures for a retell post.

I didn't totally succeed.

Forgot about the flash in mirror thing, so have a sun for a face.

Only one picture of foodyplace, but I kinda dig it.

the crunchy appetizer thingy, and the flowery decoration on table.

MY FOOD, I can't remember what it's called,
but it was beef with some sort of coconut curry sauce.
loved it!

Mal's food, chicken with cashews and penis mushrooms.

She obviously didn't care for the penis mushrooms.

Then, because we're girls (or something) we had to look at shoes.

And also the pretty snazzy black ones.

I totally forgot about the camera after that, we walked through petsmart,
looked at all the animals,
then sat outside of a B&N Starfucks and gabbed.
It was quite lovely and I had much fun with her.

However, eris with a regular female friend?
This may cause hell to freeze or something,
I may have to molest somebody to save us all from doom.



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