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Jun. 16th, 2001 12:20 am
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i'll probably read the last one and add to it in comments later

at the end of the last entry i turned off the laptop and got my stuff together
there was some more picture taking and silliness :)
then stuffed in the car we went

i was kinda half awake in the car, i remember staring at houses and wondering what the insides looked like (i've been doing that a lot lately) or staring at cars and wonder what kind of people they are, what conversations their having, maybe they'll get hit by another car and die, or win the lottery as soon as they leave my sight
my brain wanders oddly when i'm tired
at bart station, hugged everyone goodbye :(
went into the station, i called kal's pager and left a message that we were getting on the bart

we waited a while and then the bart came
we got on, spanky started to drift off and i stared out the window thinking about the insides of houses again
we got to the next to the last stop and after a few mins the train didn't leave the station, then there was an announcement that we'd be sitting there for five mins
there were several in car and in station pages for maintenance or sometype people, then after about 5 mins there was another announcement that this train was out of service and that we were to offboard and wait for the next train

so offboard we did, waited for what seemed like a long time then on next train and home
kal had already been waiting for us for a while
us in car.
drive drive drive
spanky was very tired so we dropped him off at dom's
i was tired too but i thought it'd be too hot to sleep
(this is going to get less descriptive cause i'm very very very tired)
we took a really roundabout way to QT's place because we missed the exit and the freeway going the other way was really busy, so we took this huge strange detour through town and finally ended up in the right place
gave QT money, kal signed things, we met jarrett (ohmygod he is real!) then she walked us through our new apt
then walked us through an empty one with newer stuff to show us what ours will look like in a week when it's fixed up
then we went back to her apt and she showed us hers :)
and kal tried to steal jarrett's chair (damn mexicans!)
now we've gotta come up with the first months rent to move in
planning on moving in Friday
this week is going to suck and i'm tired and don't wanna write anymore

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i'm just going to post as is, i'm sure i left some things out
i'll probably reply to it with left out things, and i might not post pictures till tomorrow, i'm probably sleeping soon


i was going to wait till i got back to write everything out but then i realized that i'd probably be too busy sorting through all the pictures i took that i wouldn't get around to writing it
i don't know how Oki remembers so many details for his stories

well then, Wednesday night kal brought ok home and we went to dinner at lyons and i took my video camera, lots of silly thing happened

then back home, talked to leslie on the phone then loki decided to try to get our asses to their house Thursday, Oki and spanky played video games, i talked to loki some more on irc, then as you can see in previous entries we got impatient and decided to try wal-mart bleach on Oki's hair to see what would happen
not a whole lot

then sleep, spanky was nice enough to stay up and answer the phone when my father called to tell us if his wife could take us to the bart station later, i was fucking exhausted
anyhow sleep then i don't quite recall how i was awoken, i think spanky handed me the phone and i think i talked to kal
so after that i got up and washed the manic panic out of my hair and showered, came out in a towel to silly Oki comments about naked eris :) and dom was awake, i tried to call my brother to see if i could talk him into taking us but there was no answer
i felt really bad about asking dom especially with his father always bitching that we were taking advantage of him, but i asked him and he said he could take us, dom is the niftiest!

so we got to the bart station, and after some arguing spanky called leslie, then i got handed the phone, i talked to her for a bit, she seemed annoyed that we were coming so early, then i had to call her back to get loki's number because it was in her celphone so she had to look, none of us had paper or pens so i opened up the laptop and called leslie back
group effort, me holding laptop in hands and phone with shoulder and head and spanky dialing, got loki's number
sat down on the ground then both spanky and Oki dialed
talked to loki and found out different bart station to get off at and what bus to take and stuff

so on the bart we get, i took some video of a person playing with their dreds
there was conversation i think but i was very tired, i try to avoid conversation in public places when tired, cause i tend to make annoyed or bored looking faces when i'm listening to someone, and it's just cause my face is tired
stupid face.
bart transfer
bus finding
bus getting on
making fun of stupid adverts on the bus
missed our stop by six blocks

but Oki said he knew where we were, and we could just walk, and nicely offered to carry my camera bag and laptop
so off we blindly followed Oki, i got some video of pretty houses
it was hot, i got disgruntled
but the walk really wasn't that bad, my legs aren't sore at all
it was just heat, i don't deal with heat well at all
the whole walk is rather a blur

got to leslie and loki's apt
hot and sticky and exhausted eris
so i took a shower, then started to drift on the couch

once again things get blurry, i think Oki noticed the time and realized we needed to find a sally's
i guess i made them a list and tried to explain what to get
i was expecting to be forced into walking more and i'm not exactly sure how i got out of that
i hope i didn't whine
there was map looking up i think and stuff
then off spanky and Oki went

about 2 mins after they left strange noises started coming from leslie's room
like things were being knocked about, and someone stomping around the room, and door creaking like it was moving back and forth like a half an inch
being half awake i just decided i was mistaken that the apt was empty even though i knew better
it was rather loud and continued for about 3 mins off and on, then for about 4 mins solid,
then the door slammed shut and the noises stopped
it was very strange but not scary for some reason

i went to sleep
i came slightly awake when loki came home, i think i kind of looked at him then closed my eyes again
then, i don't know how much later, leslie and jason and fleeky came home
i dazedly looked up and saw a fleeky walk by, he said "hi eris" i think i just blinked
then i sat up tried to become awake and talked to people a bit
wondered whatever became of Oki and spanky
and loki decided to walk to the (very close) store to get ice cream for mudslides and asked me to go with him
as we were going out, spanky and Oki came back
turns out they got confused but managed to get the proper stuff

so, loki and eris to grocery store
bought alcohol and ice cream, and he bought me a lunchable and chips cause i hadn't eaten :)
then there was sitting out on the balcony
and some drinking
and leslie and fleeky yelling at each other
and then bleaching
and bleaching
and bleaching
and dying
and dying

then leslie and fleeky disappearing into leslie's bedroom

people falling asleep

then spanky and i ended up being awake
we started talking about some serious stuff but we seemed to keep waking the sleeping Oki
so we continued it out on the cold balcony
then silly talk
then we sat on the kitchen floor and played with loki's south park squishy dolls and the video camera
then we played with the magnetic words on the fridge and i got my laptop and took some pictures
i wrote my first haiku
it sucked but it was fun

and somehow i've accidentally memorized this dom haiku:

l33t haiku skilz yo
funky fresh five seven five
word up syllable

then spanky now seems to have fallen asleep

i am now tired as shit but it's 7:30am and i'm to begin paging kal at 10
the other roommate wandered around in a towel for a bit, that was nifty
i think Oki's still got manic panic in his hair and i think loki has not woken up yet

i believe that after kal picks us up we're to go directly to see qt and give her the apt deposit

eye izz much tired
ich bin sehr mude


two hours left
i hope i actually have kal's pgr number
i did write it down and stick it in my bag

i am much too much too tired
spanky is making strange sleeping noises
i think i will close my eyes for a bit

well i slept, loki woke me up at bit after ten, called kal, talked to him a couple different times about stuff, he wants us to take the bart into dublin and he'll pick us up there
in like a half an hour i guess
then to sacramento
i'm not entirely sure what all's going on today, i think just that

and it sounds like my father got a buyer for his house, they're to be signing the papers tonight, then escrow
much niftiness for eris father, he'll be much happier with the place finally sold

i'm hoping/assuming he'll help me with hobbes costs, getting him a checkup, buying a litterbox and food etc. i'm hoping to also get him bathed so he'll be all nice and clean going into nice and clean new apt, need to also find one of those spiffy cat brushes that the fur sticks to also.

i have a feeling hobbes is going to be eating better than we are
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he's multicolored
stupid inferior wal-mart bleach

goofy fuck

Jun. 14th, 2001 03:50 am
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oki is washing it out
it lightened a bit but not a lot
that's ok we'll get stuff at sally's tomorrow
thanks [ profile] apriljoyfor confirming that i was planning on buying should be the right thing :)

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i read outloud to oki that April joy called her hair asian-wannabe-a-blonde-porn-star hair color
he said "heh cool, i wanna be an porn star"
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crazy taxi game to oki: "would you keep your eye on the road!"
oki to crazy taxi game: "SUCK MY DICK!"
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oki: "ah needs the hiah maintenance shit
can ah get a what what!"
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we thought it'd save time if we could find something that worked at wal-mart and get the oki bleaching done tonight
however oki's hair doesn't seem to be cooperating, seems to be being snobby and waiting for professional bleach from sally's
i wonder what April joy uses

crazy dipshit japo hair.

crazy japo

Jun. 14th, 2001 02:56 am
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oki: "so since it's bleach do i have to take off my pants?"


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