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i'm pretty sure tech support wasn't what i wanted to do

the best(worst) so far with nakedparts is people who misunderstand the directions on how to choose active journal in their CLIENT, and are clicking on the livejournal LOGO in the top left hand corner of the WEBPAGE and confused as to why there's no drop down list afterwards

now with nakedparts being closed membership i get this one:
"hi i'd like to join nakedparts, let me in please! :)"

no username, hmm, ok i'll search their email and see if it matches a livejournal account:
No LiveJournal user is listed as having that email address, or they've chosen to have their address be private.

so i respond:
rather need your username
i'm not very psychic.

never dull
don't panic!


Apr. 10th, 2001 04:15 am
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i was wrong i though 15 was the default,i guess it's 25 or something, so we haven't scrolled off the first page yet, i'm tired yes
i have a feeling that nakedparts is usually going to be more active at night, for 2 reasons, 1)people are braver at night, and 2) i'm usually around at night bugging people

i'm probably going to start the bleaching after i sleep then i'll take some pictures of new toys and stuff

the digital pimp, hard at work


Apr. 10th, 2001 02:11 am
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today jenny joined and posted to naked parts, i really like the kinda half body shadowy pictures like fade's profile one
then just recently cody joined and posted (YAY CODY!) and she's still very pretty even if she's behind a filter ;)
and just now jennylee posted several, wow, very very pretty pictures

yay for random naked parts!
there are still a couple of you that joined that haven't posted yet, why?
you know who you are
just watching?

this post isn't posting, here's something random from irc:
Oki-1> I am a chicken! hear me ROAR!
Oki-1> Pekaaaaaaawwwwk!

fade> it's hard to think about jews when i'm being ass probed

OHYEAH! i nearly forgot the most exciting thing we did today, we put the digital camera i want on layaway YAY!
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oo look i made gabby twice i like this rob guy, i don't think i want gabby back, let rob stay

i'm being bitched at cause i haven't posted a spread cooch shot to the NAKEDPARTS community yet, as much as i'm all for as naked as possible i don't want this to turn into something where people will get mocked if they don't post "naked enough" pictures, i'm perfectly happy with feet and elbows, lower backs are sexy, SKIN BABY SKIN, that's all i'm asking, even tho the "naughty bits" are nice >:) there's not many things as fun as a livejournal community full of naked parts

what happened today?
kal had today off, and i didn't end up sleeping all day, but i was tired as all hell while i was out with the boys

kal went to get the brakes on the car fixed and they did an inspection and said that the brakes looked new, so that was it with that
then lots of stores and wandering, i was very tired and everything's kinda fuzzy
we bought toys, i got a rock action figure and a mick foley action figure, the other day i got stone cold and chris jerrico ( i probably spelled a couple names wrong)

and i also got everything on my list for this weekend
bleach 4 bags of powder (some for spanky too) and more developer
manic panic 2 pots pillarbox red (and a new kind in green we're trying on spanky)
thread red to tie off extensions
superglue no not to glue the hair to my head :P

so that's all of my day that i can think of for now, i'll probably take some pictures of stuff later, and i'll likely have horribly blonde hair soon and for a few days


Apr. 9th, 2001 05:57 am
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ok spanky's going to finish the laundry for me
i need sleep badly

don't forget to show your naked parts


Apr. 9th, 2001 03:14 am
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i'm way too amused with our NAKED community

spanky and i got groceries, i'm still tired, i've still got laundry to finish, i'm actually rather impressed that cryo joined in the naked parts showing, but we need MORE GIRL PARTS!



Apr. 9th, 2001 01:19 am
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ok, started laundry now spanks and i going out for groceries



Apr. 8th, 2001 11:30 pm
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come join us and show us your naked parts! we're showing ours!


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