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so i'm sort of awake, all crampy, got cam2 on still, rolled over and checked my email

lo and behold there's an email from my old producer Jim from MrRadio.com saying he NEEDS to talk to me so get on AIM or call him

notice the "all crampy" not particularly in a talking on phone mood so i turn on AIM and i've messaged him but he seems to be AFK, so i'm half awake and bored so i go wandering thru his personal site in jimmyturner.com (not a bad site if you ignore the annoying noisy flash and every page having a title of new page 1) and i happen upon this little story

happy new year eris, guess what, your former boss is a habitual liar

don't know if i'm disturbed or relieved
would explain a lot
especially that last outburst at me when he thought i accused him of lying

i just want my archive cd
it's very logical for me to wonder if it even exists at this point isn't it?
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well THIS is what a journal is for isn't it?

i'm really missing doing the mrradio show, but now i'm begining to wonder if i even work for them at all now

dunno what to do
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:) i fell very much asleep after last post
i'm taking a break out of packing here to update

talked with boss at mrradio.com this morning and as of today i'm on psuedo vacation again till things get back set up, got my equip from n00dleboy's house and today they're testing line strength for the DSL

ok today, mexican and n00dle just left with the coffee table, a dresser, and my computer, and some other stuff, they didn't fit my desk in yet, i'm supposed to be getting the couch ready to be taken over there when they're done, and also i'm going to get a bunch of kitchen stuff fortobetaken over (taken home :D)

the phone should be on today we think, also i need to find out if earthlink has dial-up numbers for that town or we're gonna hafta get a new dialup untill the DSLorCableorWireless gets in, when we move us and bed over is probably going to happen as soon as we have internet access there, hehe


check this space for news, cause this & email may be the only thing i get online for, for the next few days
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ack, what a draining show, i'm glad that i only do the anti-drlaura show once a week, bleh then i called my mother and got in an argument about dr laura, bleh bleh bleh, it's an icky day but a fun (but draining show) finally got the encoder to record to a local file during the show, heh i should probably check and make sure it recorded, BUT do i really want to hear a recording of my voice, who knows

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just finished a rather odd silly show on mrradio, hehe it was lots of fun

ick i'm far too happy, but now i'm happy AND bored, what kind of sence does that make?

hehe i love being mentioned all the time in Cyd's journal gonna give me a bigger ego that girl is, well that BIG one bedroom i talked about in previous entry was no longer avalibe, but several 2 bedrooms ARE, so with LOTS of luck we will be moving very soon, probably not tho, but we're REALLY wishing we could move THIS WEEKEND, we shall see how things go


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