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I am using the lappy on some neighbour's unsecured wireless. We has internets but since I'm the resident Tech Guy™ (even though he works HELP DESK), the router is not set up yet. But we've got other things that need to be done before I go running cables willy nilly.

We were supposed to have gotten pictures for our records and for owner (to go with our walk-thru checklist), of the place empty before we moved stuff in. But as J started the move in on Friday, the day before I got here, and I had the camera that time stamps, it didn't quite work out that way.

So, today, we've got to move stuff around to create empty rooms so that I can get said pictures taken. That's just going to be more annoying than anything, but it's gotta be done. Besides, I don't think I like where I placed my bed, so it needs to be moved anyhow.

I did something to my leg, or more specifically my knee, somehow, yesterday. I suspect that it may just be the arthritis I was told I had, years ago, that only occasionally bothers my hands, that has adventured southward. It feels perfectly fine if I keep it hot. I just sat in a hot bath for a while, and now I've got it wrapped up and with space heater pointed directly at it. Any cold touches it, or if it thinks of cold, it either locks up, or collapses.

I can't think of anything I could have done yesterday that was out of the ordinary, other than I didn't get much sleep the night before. I mean, seriously, if I was going to injure my knee wouldn't it have been in the last few weeks when I was tromping up and down that damn hill and getting stuck in rocky washes, or tromping around the murals in the snow? Not watching Al and J carry heavy shit up the stairs. Seriously.

Well, it's just going to have to suck it up, cause I gots shit to do, mang.
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Alas, J's camera on his fon isn't working so I didn't get any pictures of progress today.
With help of a friend's dad's truck, they got one load in. Mostly his stuff, natch, since it's just him there tonight. Apparently what's left in storage is my bed, my desk, my bike, and a bunch of boxes. So J thinks it's going to be more than a pickup truck load left. Which means a few back and forths =/ oh well. Hopefully we'll leave fairly early so there'll be lots of time.
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We now join our regularly scheduled moving, already in progress.

To re-cap.

A little over three weeks ago we went to look at the perfect condo for rent by owner. A few weeks of negotiating later and it was ours. However we have to have the deposit and first month's rent up front so we're moving out of current place now to save up the money so we can move in on the weekend of December 19th. I'm leaving today and going to stay with my mother in Arizona for the 4 weeks, J is leaving here on Monday morning and then is staying at a friend's place here in town for the same time period.

I'll be taking my computer to mother's house so I'll be online for working and stuff while there. Hopefully we will get it timed properly so we won't be without internets too long once we move into the new place.

This will be the longest time period that I will have spent in my mother's company since I was 18, so hopefully we won't kill each other. However, it's been a terrifically difficult week as I ended up getting sick right before we got the official YES and began official packing, and J was working overtime the entire week and wasn't here. So I'm looking forward to the quiet of my mother's house in the middle of the Arizona desert.

So, goodbye lovely little apartment suites complex that treated us well for just a week shy of a year and a half. It's been the nicest and friendliest apartment management staff I've ever dealt with and aside from the smallness of the apartment, and a few months of a rowdy neighbour, it's been awesome.

Stayed a little longer here than we would have liked, but it worked out for the best, made our rental history look even better, and landed us a new home at which we'll put down some serious roots for a while.

This is almost turning into some sort of awards acceptance speech so I might as well thank some people, heh.

Both of my parents have been awesome through this, mother with the providing me a place to stay for a bit, and Curtis with the always being there for me to talk to. And Mouse, and Selene, and Spanky and SCSi, and everyone else I've forgotten for being there for babbling.

And lastly but MOSTLY, girlperson and boyperson for helping out with our little furry child, that has been more help and appreciated than I even have proper words for and I'll probably be trying to find said words for a while. And that J guy, for just being the most awesome roommatebestfriendwhateverguy ever.


(see you from Arizona)
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Moving small couch from bedroom back into livingroom. As J's bed is still where small couch goes I put it atop large couch. The couches, end tables, coffee table, and dresser belong to this apartment So once our stuff is out it all has to go back the way it was originally.

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Had talked J into going to First Friday, it's the first time I actually went instead of just working the trolley.

After getting ridiculously lost cause the bus had construction detours, we finally got to the outdoor festival. Had some tacos, had a booze. I had a delicious Baily's and coffee and he had a rumandcoke. Looked at pretty trinkets, watched some breakdancing, listened to a yelly poem from a guy on stage who apparently has a tiny penis and needed to yell about it. There were crazy FREE HUGS people around, and one yelled that they were giving out Lice and Herpes, and I got hug attacked by them. So apparently I got lice and herpes at First Friday. It was pretty fun, just nice to do something random and nonOMGVEGASy.

Home now, tired.

We may go look at a condo for rent by owner tomorrow. J stumbled across the listing sorta by accident. It's in our price range, it's on a good bus route, it's walking distance from our favourite grocery store. He called and left a message this morning before he left for work, owner called back while we were at the festival so he didn't hear it and it went to voicemail. She said to call tomorrow before 10am and we might get to go give it a look.

I dunno if we can even afford movein costs right now, but if the owner likes us maybe we can work something out. It's probably unlikely but it's really a perfect price and location, so I can hope a little.

And then grocery trip on Sunday. It would make sense to do it tomorrow if we're looking at the condo right next to our store. But we take rolly luggage to grocery shop with, and that might be kinda crass to go look at a condo, while dragging luggage. O HAI WE THOT WE'D MOVE IN NAO.
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YAY! [livejournal.com profile] qtkat is the niftiest!

i was mostly asleep earlier when i heard kal walk into the room and say
kal: hey dom, guess what
dom: what's that mister faggot?
kal: i rented us an apartment today

ok so i didn't probably go EXACTLY like that but you get the idea

i stuck my head out of the bedcave and said
or maybe i made queryish grunt noises

and kal told us that he talked to Qt and she's renting us the townhouse that shares a wall with hers
RIGHT next door
rather not the direction we're trying to go but we really needed a place to live, and basically right now apt complexes in L. A. are telling kal to nicely fuck off
kal is saying no more than a month he's planning on us staying in sac, i'm just going to resign myself to 5 or 6 months and just be happy wherever i am

so i guess we go there Friday to pay a deposit and pet deposit (i get to take hobbes back from my father!)
and i guess the time till we move in is dependant on when current tenant gets her ass out and they repaint the place and stuff
i'm not totally clear on all the details

i'm just so very happy to know that i'm not going to be homeless again in a few weeks
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tired, been back for a while, playin grim fandango a bit, gonna go out to eat i think
i got reallys sad toward the end, farther called and found out that (as suspected) we get NONE of the deposit left so we just ended up not tidying/cleaning and leaving a bunch of shit there we didn't need, i'm such a pack rat so that was very sad
but we're done
close the book on the lodi chapter of our lives
hello whatever's next, how's the wife and kids
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*sniffle* disorientation, hmm empty stomach
itchy eyes

ah yes it's Tuesday, we're speculating on when the landlords will show up to hang around and make us nervous, since the "official" check out time is 6pm i'm expecting they'll show up around 1 or 2, kal said the male part of the former owner couple eddie was around outside earlier yesterday, i was half expecting to run into him on a trip to the truck or the dumpster, the exchange in my head went like this
eddie: hello, how are you today? (he's always horribly polite)
me: oh perfectly wonderful, you know i've always wondered what it'd be like to spend 3 days franticly moving everything from a 2bdrm apt into a 10x10 storage shed and trying to figure out where i'm going to live.


this sudden panicked activity and cardboard dust and everygoddamn thing in this valley blooming are really fucking with my sinuses, last night my throat looked like strep, pretty damn near to feeling like it too, so before i slept i drank lots of water and took a bunch of pills, throat still looks pretty nasty but it's not hurting now, so at least if it's going to decide to be strep it'll wait till after today at least, and also i'm now living somewhere with more people around and i'm not too far away from County hospital so if it does decide to be strep it's not that far to go sit for 7 hours then get a shot in the butt and be better

have i mentioned yet that dom is thE coolest kid ever? well he is, yup.
ooo i gotta find my tapes so i can take the video camera today, i really wanted to also measure the apt before we left so i could make a floor plan cause i could never properly draw one just guessing

my goal, my aspiration, my greatest accomplishment, the thing i look forward to most right now, is coming back here tonight and making a livejournal entry saying THANK GOD THAT'S OVER!
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tired, tired, crampy, tired
even with all the tiring work this is becoming a little fun, our room at dom's now looks like a dorm room
however it seems the last move of the desktop computer (from one part of this room to the other) finally killed the motherboard
oh well
my life is full of boxes and putting things in boxes, and bags and handing boxes and bags to boys to put on a truck,
so i have nothing to say really, except that i wish right now were tomorrow night
maybe dom will let me install grim fandango on his computer?

at dom's

Apr. 23rd, 2001 10:53 am
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spanky is also making a livejournal entry and i don't know what he's saying, so things may get repeated if you read both of us
anyhow we've got most of the computer stuff here, my laptop is hooked up to the dsl =D

we're going to borrow father's wife's truck today and try to get ALL done today, oh that would be nice, this is trying and fucked up and annoying and i just want it to be done already, i have plans to sleep off of Wednesday, yes i do

and i'm idle on IRC today



Apr. 22nd, 2001 10:26 am
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woken up against my will, disgruntled, throat hurts

however it's for a good reason =D
kal and i are about to go over to dom's to discuss details with him but he did say yes
house rules we have to agree to i guess, we'll be renting out a room, it's gonna be cramped BUT we there is hottub and dsl there (yay)
and of course full dom molestation access
my weekend has taken a turn for the not so scary :)
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well i'm back home, home meaning the apartment that is mine for only a couple more days...

i was pleasantly surprised and i very much appreciate all of the responses to my last post, and the emails and you guys on irc earlier that were/are sympathetic and trying to help
kinda like a big ol cyber group hug, made me smile
BUT, yeah we're fully aware that something's not kosher here, that they really probably can't do this to us, but the reality is they are, and the reality is this is what happens to me, nothing to do but hit the ground rolling and move on
i realize the law is likely on our side and this could likely be fought.. the thing is we were trying to move anyway, and there'll be really nothing but more stress and prolonging the drama by resisting this

basically kids, i've got no fight left right now, i'm going to spend the next three days in frantic panicked packing and then tuck my tail between my legs and slink away

so yeah the plan, we box up everything but computers and essentials, it all goes into a 10x10 climate controlled storage thing, all our clothes go into bags or just car and computers and us, we find out tomorrow if we get to stay with dom

that's probably what's keeping me awake, more uncertainty

we'll be fine, we'll get through, we always do
there's always a way
trust in the kalthrax



Apr. 21st, 2001 07:15 pm
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hi, uhm i'm at dom's house .... we're all three of us sortof upset at the moment, we were sitting around this morning trying to decide what to do today and i went upstairs to go to the bathroom, and there was a loud banging on the door and then the doorbell rang, when i came out i discover that we've been served notice and WE'VE GOT THREE FUCKING DAYS to vacate our apt. we tried calling the landlady to find out why but there was no answer, so i called my father (his name is on the lease cause he helped me get the apt) he wasn't home from church yet so we proceded to drive into stockton to see if we could find him, i called him again on kal's celphone right as we hit the city limits and he was home, the connection was bad so i just yelled "we'll be at your house in a few minutes!"

after we got there my father got ahold of the landlady and she refused to talk to him and handed the phone to the eviction lady she'd hired

anyhow the short of it is, they want our apt, presumably because there's no mgmt office on the premisis and that would be OUR unit if there was one

they were very rude and wouldn't even give us a DAY leeway, so TUESDAY at 6pm we've got to be out or they'll put a lockbox on the door and sell our stuff

soooo father rented a storage unit for us and we're going to move everything but essentials into the storage ...........................

and then i don't know what, I'M FUCKING HOMELESS *sigh* there's a possibility we might be able to stay with dom, if not kal's friend dave will let us live in his garage

i'm alternating between being amused at the absurdity of the situation and just sadpissedoff

hi i'm eris, and i have no idea where i'll be living as of Tuesday
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kal had an idea that seems to have fixed my disconnecting problem *knock on wood*

as you may or may not know, when you get DSL they give you little filters that plug into the phone socket, then you plug the phones and dsl box into them, so kal suggested that i plug the phone cord into the filter instead of directly into the wall

i'm getting 48 and 49 connections and not disconnecting!


gotta wake up kal for work in a half hour, then i'll probalby fall back asleep,

TO DO this week
fix clutch on kal's car
replace engine in my silver zoom
get domdomdom to come take our couch (he wanted it)

no i do not yahoo, stop asking me
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well we had fun at the lake, i hadden't been there in years and ov course spanky never had been

we took i think 82 pix
they are running onthe guest cam at the moment

hmm i'm begining to feel kinda sad about leaving my piano behind, but i talked to my father about it and he said he'd get my piano tuned soon for me, my house isn't big enough for the piano, so i'll have to wait till a year or so when i moved again, hopefully to a place big enough to have my piano *smiley face*
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at least i have more than one change of clothes here, and a little bit of my cool stuffs, some stuffed animal thingys, i know i have more interesting things to tell, but my brain is DAMN tired, and bleh.. just an entry to let you know i'm alive, and i still LOVE THIS HOUSE
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very odd feelings here, not believeing this is actually my life, this place feels more like home than anything has in years but, i still feel like that maybe it's some giant hotel suite and i'm going to have to go home eventually

eris, this is your home, i keep having to remind myself, oftentimes outloud, this is my laundry room, that's my kitchen, i have stairs, i sat on the stairs and stared into the living room to see if the world looked different from there

leave it to me to bitch when things are good, hehe

i think i'd kinda like to make a bit of appy polly logies here, even tho most of you may not have noticed, when i get really stressed out and/or upset i just clam up on the site, offically, a few friends on irc get to hear it .. the thing is the reason i want to post it is not the reason it would be taken as, when i need to talk and need to vent i don't need/want your Sympathy or Charity, i just want to vent and in this little cam world i don't feel that that is always possible, so i deal silently, or not so silently but not in public then return to tell the tale

i'm me today and i like myself, how are you?
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more moving today, uhm yeah
i'll make a better entry later
hopefully the phoneline is on so that qt and i can be on cam tonight
and ohyeah (whisper)we're well within DSL range(/whisper)
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:) i fell very much asleep after last post
i'm taking a break out of packing here to update

talked with boss at mrradio.com this morning and as of today i'm on psuedo vacation again till things get back set up, got my equip from n00dleboy's house and today they're testing line strength for the DSL

ok today, mexican and n00dle just left with the coffee table, a dresser, and my computer, and some other stuff, they didn't fit my desk in yet, i'm supposed to be getting the couch ready to be taken over there when they're done, and also i'm going to get a bunch of kitchen stuff fortobetaken over (taken home :D)

the phone should be on today we think, also i need to find out if earthlink has dial-up numbers for that town or we're gonna hafta get a new dialup untill the DSLorCableorWireless gets in, when we move us and bed over is probably going to happen as soon as we have internet access there, hehe


check this space for news, cause this & email may be the only thing i get online for, for the next few days


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