Jun. 18th, 2008 08:23 pm
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THIS. Excellent movie, really fantastic.

Cute, funny, sweet, realistic. Poked fun at India and America without being crass at all.
Not that I've any problem with crass humor, but they handled this subject really well.

I might very well find and purchase the DVD for this, I really really liked this.
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Holy crap. Grindhouse was insanely awesome.

I've obviously been home for a long time,
but I watched some scrubs and been talking with a friend about the movies.

I missed the first 15 minutes of the first half, Planet Terror,
cause I was watching Blades of Glory.

I am now convinced that with the exception of stranger than fiction,
that Will Ferrell's career is now just one giant game of gay chicken.
Terribly entertaining, but where is this going to end up, gay porn?

Anyhow, so, aside from missing the beginning I loved Planet Terror with one exception,
the film scratches and burns seemed to me to be too obviously done in post,
so that distracted me, but that's really a minor bitch.
It was terrifically gory and fun, and the whole one legged stripper,
who eventually has a machine gun for a leg is actually less cheesy than one might think.

And then, the Tarantino contribution, Death Proof.
Now, mind, I've been seriously hating Tarantino for a while,
The Kill Bills pissed me off, and while pulp fiction was damn fun,
endlessly quotable, and I can watch it repeatedly.
Nearly everything else (that he's DIRECTED) has disappointed me since Reservoir Dogs.

I'm of the opinion that this idiot should just WRITE and stay the fuck away from directing.

However, I digress.
I.FUCKING.LOVED. Death proof.
There was nothing, NOTHING about that movie I didn't like,
The rambling, very Tarantino, dialog never lost me,
I loved the acting, the blocking and the editing style.
And omg, OMG, REAL car chase scenes, no fucking CGI,
I nearly shit myself in glee at the chase scenes,
even Quentin's cameo didn't piss me off.

I actually went into it expecting to LOATHE both films,
which is why I went to blades of glory first
and didn't mind missing some of the first half of grindhouse.

And now I think I'd like to go see it again.
3 hours and 11 minutes of awesome.

p.s. the trailers in the middle are almost better than the bookending films, though.


May. 11th, 2005 03:06 pm
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downloaded a tale of two sisters
it's subtitled in something i can't read

i can't manage to find a script or screenplay yet
i would like to know what they're saying!!


May. 18th, 2001 11:16 pm
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kidnapped i say! i was!
for some reason i thought that i was coming home last night, kal told me i was silly for assuming so

well off we went, stopped in tracy on the way and at nation's hamburgers then straight to the great mall of the bay area and then went to Dave and Busters and played a few games, then they tried to call leslie again and got ahold of her, so i said goodbye to them and kal took spanky to the BART station and i wandered around for a bit, went to media play and bought a transcript and translation of the Papyrus Of Ani, which is one of the parts of the Egyptian book of the dead, fascinating and nifty
then i went and saw my VERY FIRST MOVIE all by myself! it was a stupid movie but i enjoyed it, crocodile dundee in L. A. i was the only one in the theatre (except for what i think was an employee during the middle of the movie), while i was waiting for the preview to start i read a bit of the papyrus of ani aloud but no mummys came to life, oh well, i suppose i was pronouncing it wrong or reading the wrong parts.

then i got out and called kal's celphone and he finished with work and came and picked me up, since i didn't bring any clothes we went and bought some clothes and me some less warm shoes. then kal called a motel he'd passed before to see if it was inexpensive and it was rather. so we went there and got a room

it's called, get this, The
Ooh La Lodge , pretty cheep place but not horribly scary, no phones (hence no journal entries from there) and the front half is the rooms that people pay weekly and monthly rent in.
looked rather like the kind of place in movies where there's either a gunfight in the parking lot, or a serial killer next room over, or a vampire and prey next room over
but the bed was comfortable and nothing strange happened, and i slept well
BUT first before sleeping i took a shower and we changed and went to see a movie, um yeah two movies in one day, we saw ..... driven, yeah that's it, i don't go for car/race movies much but i enjoyed the movie a lot

i awoke the next morning to kal getting dressed for work, i got dressed quickly and we gathered our stuff and he dropped me off at the mall again (joy) i read a paper in a nearby mcdonalds till stores started opening, then i wandered around searching for a kiosk that had inexpensive necklace watches that'd i'd seen a few weeks ago
cause i was supposed to call kal at 1pm (he gets out early on fridays unless there's an emergency) and i'd misplaced his watch and damn malls never have clocks anywhere.

well turns out i walked the wrong way around the 200 mile long mall so it took me over a half hour (i was also looking in stores i passed that looked like they might have cheep watches) to find the kiosk when if i'd walked in the other direction around the oval mall it would have taken me like 5 mins

so by that time it was 11:20 so i went to media play (i ate a small bit of subway sammach up in the last paragraph somewhere) and sat and read comics and graphic novels till 1pm then i called kal and went back to media play to wait for him, read some more and then he showed up and i think we left right then, i'm a bit fuzzy

lots of driving and talking, some burger king, then into town and picked up kal's friend dave, when to see shreck (funny silly movie) and then took dave home and we came back to dom's house

i was going to go right to sleep right when we got home but then i picked up the laptop and i'm a bit hungry
and now livejournal went to the big land 'O Cannot find server so this'll sit here for a bit

well livejournal appears to be staying in the land of cannot find server so by the time you read this it was saved onto notepad and posted on Saturday
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we ended up staying in town, i guess kal didn't feel like driving all the way to the bay area

things were fine till we got to chilli's, then i mentioned something about wanting deep space 9 and voyager on DVD cause i never remembered to watch them all when they were on tv, to kal
spanky laughed at me, that mocking you're a tard and i'm better than you laugh, it's been getting to me when he does that lately but i don't say anything because i was sure somehow it'd be my fault cause spanky never does anything wrong, but i guess cause i wasn't feeling well it got to me even more today
i ignored it then spanky and kal got in an argument because spanky didn't want to tell him what he thought about dinosaurs and such because kal probably doesn't agree with him and spanky doesn't like to hear things that go against what he thinks a lot
so i ran off to the bathroom and tried not to cry too much, cause crying in the bathroom is really pathetic and not very eris. i came back and they were still arguing, and spanky ended up sitting there quitely with his persecuted pissy expression and wouldn't eat
i just sat there feeling like i was in 6th grade all over again and the popular cute kid is lording it over me cause i'm different, and i ended up crying at the table but kal was ignoring spanky and spanky was ignoring the world so no one noticed

so we left and we went to see the mummy again cause kal and i liked it and spanky hadn't seen it, and it's a fun movie so it cheered everyone up, then we went to grapevine and spanky and i ran around being silly, so everything ended up ok

things are just getting to me more with the heat and not having my own room and my tummy being weird, i think i just pulled my stomach muscles this week, i hate that that gives me an upset tummy, bleh
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nope i was gone from right after i woke up so none of them were mine, oh yay, i couldn't get them all in the dishwasher cause it was still nearly full from yesterday morning, so i guess dom didn't run it (it's one of those big old fashioned ones that has to have hoses attached to a sink to run, so i don't know how)

so i wrote a note on the board so that i won't get bitched at for the couple dishes left in the sink that weren't even mine. i don't mind doing other people's dishes, i just don't enjoy doing dom's dishes and then getting bitched at by a small italian dad because i didn't get to it exactly the second i was ordered to. (side note, i'll mention again that dom owns this house, and his dad is just a roommate like us)

anyhow it turned out that kal took me all the way back to san jose area to see the screening, that was nice because we talked a lot on the way there, big fun discussiony things. we got into milpitas and stopped at the great mall and ate at dave and busters and played a few games.

then off to the theatre by great america, handed them our admit 2 card and went in, there were people every 5 seats on average or less so it was a nice amount of people, there was an SCA group too and they were all dressed up in garb (awww how cute /sarcasm), then there were people that talked at us for a while, gave away bad cds and tickets to a concert of a band i'd never heard of, then they started the movie

i have one major problem with the movie THE SOUNDTRACK, the first action scene in the movie was a joust and the crowd started stomping and singing we will rock you, and for some reason the horns that you saw being played sounded like electric guitar

anyhow other than the soundtrack the movie was REALLY fun and it had a good story, if you're going to be annoyed at wrong period clothing then be warned or don't go, it's really supposed to be fantasy (hence the name) and some of the women's clothing and hair get really outlandish

i liked it A LOT (except for the soundtrack)

ANYHOW AGAIN, kal still wasn't feeling well (i forgot to mention he got all sick i think) and probably shouldn't have taken me out but it was fun, on the way home he realized that he did have his health insurance card and that St. Joe's would accept it, so i INSISTED he go to St. joes, he said "are you going to come with me and sit there for hours?" i said "YUP!"
the short of it is i got my way and he agreed to go, with much foot dragging, turns out he was over the sick, but during the sick he had violently pulled the muscles in his back that are/were giving him problems, so they gave him valium and painkillers and insisted he not go to work for a few days
of course he was going to go anyway, so he paged his boss to let him know that he'd be late (it was about 3am by this time) into work today and his boss called back a little bit ago, kal told him what went on and boss insisted he do what the doctor said and stay home, but he stays on call unless something happens (he was just on the phone and turns out cisco pulled one of his company's boxes without calling them first and fucked it all up, but sounds like other people going to take care of it)

so now the post that took hours to write cause i kept looking away is done
so there
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i love this mockumentary
smell the glove baby

so hiya
i re-re-re-found the grafix CD rainer made me ages ago, and i finally have a big enough hard drive and memory to install (and attempt to USE) everything, even though i'm still not entirely sure what all of the programs are

however i've been looking for a pirated or cracked Digieffects Cinelook for the past couple months, and guess what! right here on my grafix cd, rainer was right when he told me that he was including things that i might not know what were then but i'd want eventually

i'm still a little confused because about a third of the cd seems to be add-on programs to other programs in there, and i'm sorting out what belongs to what, already tried to install a couple add-ons before their programs, hehe

ow, the tip of my ring finger on my right hand hurts or something, mayhaps i smashed it without knowing
big bottom, big bottom, talk about bumcakes my girl's got 'em

mmmmmmmmmmi'm going to be lost in glee and feeling mildly stupid for a while here, i enjoy playing with photoshop but i've never taken the time to get used to it like paintshop so i'm still al little confused
and FLASH, hehe i get lost in the tutorial .. at about demonstration of drawing tools stage because that's so much fun, one of these days i'll get past it, and one of these days that mexican guy is likely to come home with a drawing pad, then you'll never see me again

and stuff
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see the mouth sewn together is pretty here, when she's all freaked out in the cage and stupidly trying to pull her mouth open it's cringey, and another of dee snider as capt. howdy i believe from a t-shirt:

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i watched this movie on showtime tonight called strangeland, yes there were a lot of stupid mistakes and overlooks in the movie (ignore the holes in the storyline that you could drive a mac truck through) but i was mostly fascinated by the idea of the story and the LOOK of all the fetish parts, and i thought the dude made a really cool villain of sorts

the club in the film was also amazing looking, i guess i've just really been missing dark industrial fetish type clubs lately, and eventually i'll have to find someone to go with, 'cause i think spanky might be a bit squeamish around most of the stuff i think is cool

looks like he's got a lot of cool pictures on his personal page too, anyhow in the movie he's got - as the tvguide review describes it - "industrial pink" hair, so i'm thinking about when i bleach out my roots, dying the part that isn't the purply red a pink of that sort, yupyup i think so, it looks like the orange that spanky wants in that first picture up there tho, i've avoided pink so far cause i think of silly wanna be trendy blonde girls who dye some pink streaks to be "different", people try to call my hair pink when it's faded anyhow, so what the hell

heh, yeah i miss fetish night at biomech in sacto, *sigh*, it's funny that mouth and eyes sewn shut doesn't seem anywhere near as nasty or bad when it's willingly, i kept cringing at that in the movie, and then kept being amused at myself cause i've seen "worse" in person, it's just a whole different thing when it's forced on someone

anyhow, pretty pretty movie, good dialog and interaction, disjointed full of holes story line

(pictures broken and missing)


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