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eris: OH, also, Happy One Week Earholeaversary.
Mother: Happy One Week Earholeaversary to you also


Jul. 28th, 2008 02:56 pm
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Mother: Moose poop on my computer desk
Mother: Mouse poop
eris: Mouse poop?
Mother: Mouse droppings
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Mother: I need to get out and walk,
erisr: I need to take a shower, I'm very sore from yesterday.
Mother: Al thinks he'll be home around noon, I don't know if he found his come-a-long yet?
eris: His whatsit?
Mother: His come-a-long, it pull the jeep up on the dolly. Hopefully he can find it otherwise, you have to push the jeep on.
eris: Ah, ok.
Mother: When I downloaded the new version of trillian, it loaded on a weather channel, It says it is 80.  It makes little noises when the temperature goes up or down and blinks when there is a weather warning.  Bye for now
eris: Haha, nice. Enjoy your walk, I'm off to shake the tower.
Mother: Have a nice shower

(time passes)

Mother: Tower shook?
eris: Tower shook.
Mother: I'm off to soak the fuhrstunken off.
eris: Good luck with that.
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Mother: I was dreaming I was talking to a piercer and asked him if he could put a four-wheel drive in.  I was tickled at the play on words and woke up, then I was wondering what a four-wheel drive was.  I told Al, he said it was two holes in each ear
eris: haha.
eris: I kept trying to not lay on my ear while I was half asleep.
eris: I failed.
Mother: Yeh, I kept trying to stick my hand to see how much pressure was on the piercey part of my ear, more than I thought.
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eris: you know, i got a postcard the other day
eris: from my mother who is apparently still on vacation
erisMom: You actually got it, I had given up on anybody every getting one. I'll have to see if anyone else has gotten one.
eris: i dunno how long it was sitting on the po box
erisMom: what kind of shape was it in?
eris: umm rectangle?
erisMom: I had decided that the people in the postoffice had taken off my stamps to resell and had thrown away the postcards.
eris: kindof rather postcard shaped
erisMom: Yes, it was rectangle, postcard shaped when I sent it. I mean was it wrinkled or damaged, was it readable?
eris: hehe
eris: yes it looked like it had been sent yesterday, perfect condition
erisMom: they must have sent it by burro
eris: can burros swim?
erisMom: probably, if you have them behind a boat with a carrott dangling
eris: heh
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"i like the tan lines, then i know where my bathing suit goes"

"and that's how you know you have a tan"
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today is i hate my mother day
or week
or month

screw being enlightened, my mother may love me but she sure as hell doesn't like me

months ago (some of you may recall) my mother gave me a huge ugly rust spotted dodge station wagon, because it was too ugly to keep in front of her house (the neighbors might talk you know)

she tells me that i signed something that was supposed to transfer it into my name, a little after spanky moved here it just became too much trouble to drive (radiator, overheating, smoking) so it sat, i'm now trying to get rid of it, i thought i was going to have trouble cause it wasn't in my name,
she tells me it is in my name
i call the DMV
DMV says the car is registered STILL to her husband
i can't donate or sell a car that doesn't belong to me
it HAS to be off of this property tomorrow
she says it's my problem
refer to above statement of the car doesn't legaly belong to me

we can't find anyone with a car/truck strong enough to tow the heap of steel, my father and i sure as hell can't push it very far

so tonight is our last resort, he's going to bring the truck that's not strong enough to tow it and we're going to push it a few blocks away and let nature take it's course, how white trash is that?

quote from mother "oh push it down the street if you have to, just don't let it get a ticket"

sure mom, i'll stand guard all day to make sure the car i never wish to see again doesn't get a pretty red sticker and get towed away out of my life forever

and then coming back in after trying to jump the car with father i catch my ankle in a crack and land on my knee

*raises both her middle fingers in the general direction of her mother's house*


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