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tired, been back for a while, playin grim fandango a bit, gonna go out to eat i think
i got reallys sad toward the end, farther called and found out that (as suspected) we get NONE of the deposit left so we just ended up not tidying/cleaning and leaving a bunch of shit there we didn't need, i'm such a pack rat so that was very sad
but we're done
close the book on the lodi chapter of our lives
hello whatever's next, how's the wife and kids
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i discovered that my video camera's pause button pauses very clearly (glee!)

well i awoke this morning still feeling icky and decided i should take a walk, i put on clothes and started to come downstairs and spanky asked me what i was doing so i told him and he wanted to come along, so i grabbed my video camera and off we went, on the way to the lake is a house with rocks in front of it that look like dinosaur eggs

and every time i've tried to take a picture of them someone comes out of the house and i feel weird video taping the front of someone's house while their looking at me, i want to steal one but kal says they're too heavy

they're doing something next to the lake, i'm not sure what, there used to be a big wall and some sort of water cleaning place where the tractor and truck are

we stood on the dock and i took pictures of some little buildings on the other side of the lake, unfortunately the colors don't come out as green with the 3com taking a picture of the viewscreen as they actually are

from the dock i saw this hollow tree and i asked spanky if he could fit inside it so we walked over to it, but there were lots of spider webs inside so he decided against going inside it, the last picture is the inside of the tree, but the spider webs don't show up in the picture, i probably could have fit inside it even

first the salem something memorial bell, i told spanky i'd give him a dollar to hump it, he was trying to get up the nerve (it was wet) but i got bored and changed my mind, he still says he would have humped it. then some large petrified wood thing dedicated by some society i don't care about, it looked like a giant turd to me, and another bird next to the lake picture

spanky wanted to climb this tree, but evil mean eris was tired of being there and wanted to continue the walk, and then what every good park needs, the kitchen sink, and a spanky gesturing about it

and then on the way to the store there was a tiny bridge in a yard, we went to grocery store then we went to chevron, i wanted subway but it wasn't open yet, the walk made me tired but i think it made me feel better in general, fresh air and all yknow, it's supposed to get to 80 degrees today, yuk

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kal had an idea that seems to have fixed my disconnecting problem *knock on wood*

as you may or may not know, when you get DSL they give you little filters that plug into the phone socket, then you plug the phones and dsl box into them, so kal suggested that i plug the phone cord into the filter instead of directly into the wall

i'm getting 48 and 49 connections and not disconnecting!


gotta wake up kal for work in a half hour, then i'll probalby fall back asleep,

TO DO this week
fix clutch on kal's car
replace engine in my silver zoom
get domdomdom to come take our couch (he wanted it)

no i do not yahoo, stop asking me
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ford escort, about 10 years old, miniature station wagon

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THIS!!!!!! is where i'll be tomorrow

i've lived in this damn area for 17 years and i've never been to the grape festival, and i had lost hope of going cause we're low on money, but some wonderfull wonderfull people have supprised us with some extra money, :D

so it's outside and fun for the house of chaos tomorrow (fresh air? EEEK!) i want want want a digital cam, i don't know if i'll lug the laptop there or not, kal will probably put his foot down about that, we shall see

we shall see indeed
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well we had fun at the lake, i hadden't been there in years and ov course spanky never had been

we took i think 82 pix
they are running onthe guest cam at the moment

hmm i'm begining to feel kinda sad about leaving my piano behind, but i talked to my father about it and he said he'd get my piano tuned soon for me, my house isn't big enough for the piano, so i'll have to wait till a year or so when i moved again, hopefully to a place big enough to have my piano *smiley face*
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well spanky and i aren't tired yet so we decided to take a walk down to the lake

why the hell not huh?

and we just NOW decided to take the laptop and see if we can get some nice outside pictures



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