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SCSi> look in front of you on the wall
SCSi> to the right of the power outlet
SCSi> er..
SCSi> left
SCSi> does the wall have a little penis
SnaxPie> hehe
SCSi> sticking out of a white plate?
SnaxPie> I totally thought about making a comment like that in the post.
SnaxPie> Yes, a little coax penis.
SnaxPie> It's not capped off, either, it's cut off.
SCSi> hump it
SnaxPie> nosir
SnaxPie> Tiny.
SCSi> are you judging the manhood of your wall?
SnaxPie> Yes, yes I am.
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Cryo> coffee enema?
SCSi> thats a good idea!
Cryo> steaming in, steaming out!
SCSi> hahaha
Cryo> shut up and drink it!
SCSi>:( ok
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Sitting around,
sans pants,
debating god on IRC.

strictmachine: so you're open to some deities but not others, possibly?
linuxpie: No, not really.
linuxpie: I think humanity creates its own gods.
linuxpie: They're all equal in non-existance.
strictmachine: that is the party line.
linuxpie: Some of them are very good ideas.
linuxpie: Or had.
linuxpie: I like a lot of what the jesus dude had to say.
strictmachine: humanity makes its gods, so they don't exist, etc.
strictmachine: by that token math doesn't exist
linuxpie: No, I think humanity creating its own gods has sightly higher possiblity of them existing.
strictmachine: but i don't know many atheists that would argue math is irrelevant
linuxpie: Sortof a group created energy being possibly.
linuxpie: If enough people think the same thought, possibly it'd effect something.
strictmachine: i think god is like math
strictmachine: in that way
strictmachine: it's a tool, a language to understand things we don't get
strictmachine: bigger than we are
strictmachine: but still created by us
linuxpie: Nice.
linuxpie: I like that.
strictmachine: me too
strictmachine: i am profound before lunch


Feb. 10th, 2007 06:13 pm
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<spanky> Gotta explore all the possibilties. Like grandmpa explores all of
his grandchildren's underwear.
<spanky How fucking tasteless. Why do you let me speak, hali?
<hali> it doesn't appear as though i can stop you.
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eris: I smell like cookies though, and it's annoying.
eris: oh god my hair smells like frosting,
eris: how does that even happen?
eris: Did my hair play in the frosting while I wasn't looking?
eris: This must be addressed.
Cryo: no
Cryo: it's the best your hair has smelled!
Cryo: and if pussy smelled like pussy, I'd eat it all the time!
Cryo: er
Cryo: hahah
Cryo: god dammit
Cryo: I hate when I mess up my own jokes.

Then I went and ranted at J about my hair smelling like frosting and made him smell.
He said "oh my god, it does smell like frosting, and flour and dough ... YOU ARE A FOOD!"

Showered, now just smell like eris, no more nasty frosting.
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Well I was on irc, so I was repeating things spanky said to him.

eris: Talking to Biff.
spanky: yeah, but I'm more important than your secretly adopted
(from nazis) brother.
eris: He says "tell spanky to suck a sack of dicks"
spanky: A whole sack?
eris: Heh he said "yeah, ask him what he visulises when he hears
sack of dicks, cause I picture like a fishing net with a
bunch of dicks in it."

And then he started telling me that the fishing net was so you could see the dicks flopping about, like dying fish, I told him that he somehow managed to make an already distressing image, twice as distressing. Then spanky said:

spanky: Oh man, I just had a potato sack full of wriggling phallus
dancing in my head.

So I said to Biff, "see, he's got 'em wiggling around also, what's the deal here?"

Biff said: "No no, mine were just flopping, barely flopping, he's got 'em dancing and wiggling and holding hands like some fucked up choir"

Then he kept yawning and I told him to quit yawning in my ears,
cause it was making me yawn.
To which he replied: "What the fuck do you want me to do, yawn in your armpit?"
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erispie:  So, yes, discussing what?
piepie:  I still vote for cheese.
slimecake:  Nobody cares what you think.
piepie:  I'm pretty sure nobody cares what  A CAKE MADE OF SLIME THINKS.
slimecake:  hater
piepie:  A pie flavoured pie, on the other hand, everybody likes.
* erispie  sighs.
slimecake:  What's wrong with a cake made of slime?
piepie:  You really have to ask this?
slimecake:  What?
erispie:  ...
erispie:  So ... no actual discussion then?
piepie:  What's wrong with cheese?
erispie:  GODDAMNIT
* erispie  ignores the cake and pie.
slimecake:  wtf did I do?
piepie:  HAH!
piepie:  stupidslime.
* slimecake  pouts.
* piepie  discusses cheese with the wall.
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Mfree> I must go.
Mfree> catch y'all later
N00dleBoy> Have a good one
*** Quit: Mfree (off to work)
eris> a good one of what, exactly?
N00dleBoy> How about... a good midget wrassling?
eris> perhaps you should have informed mfree that you were wishing him a good midget wrassling?
Dan> I think he knew.
N00dleBoy> No need to. He knows.
N00dleBoy> Good boy Dan!
eris> ahh, i see.
* N00dleBoy pats Dan on the head


Jun. 19th, 2001 11:37 pm
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i think i'm going to have big soft pretzels soon
still to hot to go into bedroom
hooray for laptop
i'll probably try to sleep in a few hours actually cause my father is coming over tomorrow
and i'll probably do some more venting later
but probably on deadjournal

* eris humps matthew
Matthew> eek!
Matthew> dun do dat!
eris> =O
* markw humps matthew
eris> heh heh heh
Matthew> DUN DO DAT!
markw> hmm
* markw humps eris
* eris chews on mark
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Charity> what music is most annoying to a 17 year old
mouse> classical
eris> polka
ee> polka
ee> whoa
eris> heh
Charity> oooh yeah
ee> eris and i are mind melded
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Kwizard> egads...I didn't know it was that easy to put a cam online :-)
eris> shhh
Kwizard> Ok...as a member of the cam community, I'll protect our trade secrets :-)
eris> you must also pretend that it costs lots and lots of money to do it
eris> oh what else
eris> you must whine and lament that you have no money
eris> you must threaten to delete your livejournal at least once a month
Kwizard> Oh ok...next step is to get one of those wishlists :-)
eris> there must be some other camgirl you HATE HATE HATE
Kwizard> heh...seems all the camgirls that get the most hate are the ones I like :-)
eris> ohyeah, brag about how you did your whole site yourself but in actuality steal it from someone else
Kwizard> heya double ee
ee> i steal
ee> i am not even me
ee> i stole me


Jun. 7th, 2001 06:54 am
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*** Now talking in #anacam
-LaMigra- Welcome to #anacam. This bot will leave soon. For more info type: %help leaving
eris> %help leaving
-LaMigra- leaving - The bot will depart after June 7, 2001. It isn't needed - and nobody uses its facilities any longer. Furthermore, its owner doesn't really watch the channel anymore. Goodbye and good luck.
eris> so who's this ana person?
moon> no idea ;)
leslie> she's my mom
eris> your mom has a cam?
leslie> yes -sigh-
eris> that's gotta be strange
eris> ooh your mom just turned over
leslie> {{{{{mom}}}}}}
leslie> :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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eris: ooh bruce campell's going to be doing a book signing June 11 in burbank!
eris: i'm going to find out where burbank is
[livejournal.com profile] n00dleboy: then you'll POOP FOR JESUS
*spanky laughs*
[livejournal.com profile] n00dleboy: godamn! jesus died for your sins you should at least give a crap!
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eris> I will marry you if you let me touch your brain.
qt-kat> ok
* qt-kat opens her head
eris> oooh!
* eris fondles qt's brain
eris> squishy
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eris> you're a crack
* leslie stuff coffee down eris' throat
leslie> smoke me
eris> ooo
* eris smokes leslie
nadin> hmmm
* leslie burns embers
* eris puffs away on leslie
leslie> listen to me crickle
eris> ooo
leslie> puff puff pass baby
eris> =D
* leslie tells eris to shotgun her to nadin
eris> lol
eris> might get near the baby
leslie> o
* eris hogs the leslie
* eris puffs away
leslie> stop bogarting me!
* eris gets parinoid
leslie gives eris cottenmouth
nadin> cant brestfeeding
eris> AHH
* eris runs for a drink
* leslie smells up the house
* eris sticks her head in the freezer and licks the inside walls
* eris gets nauseated
eris> i think i got some bad leslie
nadin> eewwww
* leslie is skunk weed
leslie> w000
eris> hehe
leslie> smoke me smoke me!
* eris eyes the leslie
* nadin gets a the men with the white cothes
* eris stuffs it back in the baggie
* leslie talks to eris and makes eris think she is hearing voices
leslie> behind you!
* eris twitches
leslie> spiders all over your arms
* eris buries the leslie
* eris covers herself in mossquito netting
* leslie jumps in spanky's ear
* eris tries to remember who she bought the leslie from
* leslie burrows in deeper, and finds plenty of space to stay awhile
eris> hehe
leslie> being pot is cool
leslie> :D
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i lie really, we're like this not tired as well

Belli> I want to paint my kitchen.
Kendryk> i will help!
Belli> Everyone come help!
Kendryk> white with pink pokeedots?
eris> stripes
Kendryk> no.
Belli> uh no
eris> SRIPES
Kendryk> pokeedots
Belli> and no
Belli> no no no
Kendryk> dots!
Kendryk> dots!
Kendryk> dots!
Kendryk> dots!
Belli> ./ignore Kendryk Eris
eris> STRIPES!
Kendryk> =(
eris> flowers?
Kendryk> flowers!
Belli> FISH
Oki-1> go fish
eris> *blub* *blub*
Kendryk> fish... with pokeedots?
eris> we'll just flood your kitchen
Belli> *snicker*
eris> and dunp fish in it
eris> *blub* *blub*
Belli> how will I cook then?
eris> sushi
Belli> *groan*
* eris giggles
* Kendryk looks for eris' muzzle
Kendryk> i bet we packed it away
eris> hehe


Apr. 10th, 2001 02:11 am
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today jenny joined and posted to naked parts, i really like the kinda half body shadowy pictures like fade's profile one
then just recently cody joined and posted (YAY CODY!) and she's still very pretty even if she's behind a filter ;)
and just now jennylee posted several, wow, very very pretty pictures

yay for random naked parts!
there are still a couple of you that joined that haven't posted yet, why?
you know who you are
just watching?

this post isn't posting, here's something random from irc:
Oki-1> I am a chicken! hear me ROAR!
Oki-1> Pekaaaaaaawwwwk!

fade> it's hard to think about jews when i'm being ass probed

OHYEAH! i nearly forgot the most exciting thing we did today, we put the digital camera i want on layaway YAY!
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(aren't they all?)

have to quote myself cause i think it's interesting:

talking to courtney:

* eris is fairly drug innocent
eris> i had a lot of kinky sex instead of a lot of drugs

*snickers* it amuses me, see i went to college very young, and i guess kinda decided experimenting with sex was safer than drugs, so i don't know a whole lot about drugs

as for sex......... >:)

i'm sweet and innocent damnit!
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talking to people on irc, especially sleep deprived spanky, after meredith's question about how my hair reacts and my answer (in the post below this one) i'm staring at the blond ends of my hair and admiring how healthy they are, and i was thinking, if i ever decide i want my hair to STAY blonde i'm going to HAVE to dread it, i just decided that blonde dreads would look really cool,i doubt i'll do it, i'm more likely to have blonde braids and then ask cody to make me a bunch of the bead things she puts in her dreads, that would be really cool
*eris files this under thoughts for the future

and now, tidbits from sleep deprived spanky:

Kendryk> its like mushroom aliens
Kendryk> talking to you
eris> lol
Kendryk> what?

Kendryk> Heath - eth is Ha
Kendryk> and doughnut without oughnu is dt
Kendryk> once again, its funny to me

Kendryk> courtney, if you have you ever had a really cute cambitch?
Kendryk> what the hell
Kendryk> im confusing myself
Kendryk> have you ever had a really cute cambitch?
Kendryk> there
Kendryk> that's betteer
Kendryk> - one e
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ee was not around and only one of her idling as eeOut
so i made a clone and took her nick

i then decided she must have always been just a clone of me

ee> hi
eris> oi
* KaLTHRaX humps ee's ass
eris> ACK
ee> eeep!
ee> eris get your mexican off me
* eris swats at kal with a newspaper
ee> i am not one of eris' personalities!
ee> i am my own person
eris> sure
eris> keep thinking that
ee> >:|
eris> :P
*eris reads email
* ee eats all of kal's M&Ms
eris> is she allowed to do that?
* ee does what she wants


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