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There was a message left on my cell phone last night at around 10:30pm(EST)
My phone has been bad lately with not letting me know until later that I have voicemail.

It went directly to voicemail, even though my phone was on,
and sitting right next to me at the time.

So there's no number for it.

I thought maybe it was my brother,
I talked to him probably an hour after that,
he was drunk off his ass,
but says he remembers our entire phone conversation,
so logically if he'd made a creepy drunk call BEFORE hand he'd have remembered it.

I played it for him and he said,
"fuck .. man, this is like the ring or something, I'm going to die after I listen, aren't I?"

To me it sounds like "help me" or "fuck you" in the begining,
then an entire sentence which I can't make heads or tails of.

(right click to 'save as')

I thought maybe slowing just the talking part down would help me understand it.
But it just makes a more garbled unhelpfull creepy noise.

So if anyone can figure out what it's saying?
Or maybe able to edit out the white noise bits?

Fuckin creepy.


May. 9th, 2005 11:24 pm
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once again i'm playfully accused of preferring mexicans
so i got thinking about it
and i made a list

turns out i'm right
it's dark hair not mexican

i've only had two natural blondes, one male one female
other than that it's been dark brown and black hair, all
and either pale or olivey skin

J was the darkest i think
!! i've been staring at my list
i ALWAYS leave out a girl
and it's never the same one
i just realized who this time
and fixed.

half/part mexicans denoted by (m)
ok, hair colours in order, mixed m/f:

dark brown
dark brown
dark brown
dark brown/black (m)
dark brown
black (m)
dark brown
dark brown (m)
dark brown/black

if you count people just dated
(or messed around with more than once)
that adds:
1 more blonde
5 more brown to dark browns
i *think*
may have left out some
none of the above added are mexican
two are italian
and one of the first list is italian

i can't figure that out statistically
can you?


May. 5th, 2001 06:11 pm
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i was reading through my friends list and saw beautifultoxin say that today made one year that she'd had her livejournal, i was thinking i can't have had mine that long but i was pretty sure i'd had a livejournal before her

heh yup, 2 whole days, May 4 2000 was when my livejournal was born, that makes this way the longest i've ever kept up a journal.
hooray for me!

anyhow, we saw The Mummy Returns, it was pretty damn good, expect for the stupid preteen girls behind us, goddamn. dave got the worst of it cause they were more behind him then kal and me. they wouldn't fucking shut up, apparently only one of them could read (that'd be the logical explanation) because she had to read the captions out loud to the other girls, and the fucking idiots didn't realize that it was imoteph till AFTER he regenerated, even tho the movie had said his name like TWENTY FUCKING TIMES all ready.....
>imoteph fully regenerates< stupid monkey children: "oh mah god! dat be da same mummy as last movie! oh mah god, haHA dats tight!"


anyhow they kept all the actors from the first movie which was great, aged the couple very subtlely and gave them a kid, which worked really well. i usually don't like when there's suddenly a kid in a sequel (i.e. one of the jurassic parks where jeff goldbloom suddenly had a black daughter and they didn't really explain it)
not enough rock, but he looked DAMN cool but only in the begining, then when he showed up in the end he was all computer generated which was kinda dissapointing to me
BUT the rock screaming for troops to attack in egyptian and slashing people apart with a huge sword kicked all ass

and dave was bitching about the stupid girls more than i was and turned around and told them to shut the fuck up a couple times :) usualy kal just gets annoyed with me for being annoyed at other people, this time i got to bitch with dave

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and my favorite word is FUCK

hmm, i'm a lot happier and more relaxed when i've just gotten laid
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tired, been back for a while, playin grim fandango a bit, gonna go out to eat i think
i got reallys sad toward the end, farther called and found out that (as suspected) we get NONE of the deposit left so we just ended up not tidying/cleaning and leaving a bunch of shit there we didn't need, i'm such a pack rat so that was very sad
but we're done
close the book on the lodi chapter of our lives
hello whatever's next, how's the wife and kids
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*sniffle* disorientation, hmm empty stomach
itchy eyes

ah yes it's Tuesday, we're speculating on when the landlords will show up to hang around and make us nervous, since the "official" check out time is 6pm i'm expecting they'll show up around 1 or 2, kal said the male part of the former owner couple eddie was around outside earlier yesterday, i was half expecting to run into him on a trip to the truck or the dumpster, the exchange in my head went like this
eddie: hello, how are you today? (he's always horribly polite)
me: oh perfectly wonderful, you know i've always wondered what it'd be like to spend 3 days franticly moving everything from a 2bdrm apt into a 10x10 storage shed and trying to figure out where i'm going to live.


this sudden panicked activity and cardboard dust and everygoddamn thing in this valley blooming are really fucking with my sinuses, last night my throat looked like strep, pretty damn near to feeling like it too, so before i slept i drank lots of water and took a bunch of pills, throat still looks pretty nasty but it's not hurting now, so at least if it's going to decide to be strep it'll wait till after today at least, and also i'm now living somewhere with more people around and i'm not too far away from County hospital so if it does decide to be strep it's not that far to go sit for 7 hours then get a shot in the butt and be better

have i mentioned yet that dom is thE coolest kid ever? well he is, yup.
ooo i gotta find my tapes so i can take the video camera today, i really wanted to also measure the apt before we left so i could make a floor plan cause i could never properly draw one just guessing

my goal, my aspiration, my greatest accomplishment, the thing i look forward to most right now, is coming back here tonight and making a livejournal entry saying THANK GOD THAT'S OVER!
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well i'm back home, home meaning the apartment that is mine for only a couple more days...

i was pleasantly surprised and i very much appreciate all of the responses to my last post, and the emails and you guys on irc earlier that were/are sympathetic and trying to help
kinda like a big ol cyber group hug, made me smile
BUT, yeah we're fully aware that something's not kosher here, that they really probably can't do this to us, but the reality is they are, and the reality is this is what happens to me, nothing to do but hit the ground rolling and move on
i realize the law is likely on our side and this could likely be fought.. the thing is we were trying to move anyway, and there'll be really nothing but more stress and prolonging the drama by resisting this

basically kids, i've got no fight left right now, i'm going to spend the next three days in frantic panicked packing and then tuck my tail between my legs and slink away

so yeah the plan, we box up everything but computers and essentials, it all goes into a 10x10 climate controlled storage thing, all our clothes go into bags or just car and computers and us, we find out tomorrow if we get to stay with dom

that's probably what's keeping me awake, more uncertainty

we'll be fine, we'll get through, we always do
there's always a way
trust in the kalthrax



Apr. 21st, 2001 07:15 pm
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hi, uhm i'm at dom's house .... we're all three of us sortof upset at the moment, we were sitting around this morning trying to decide what to do today and i went upstairs to go to the bathroom, and there was a loud banging on the door and then the doorbell rang, when i came out i discover that we've been served notice and WE'VE GOT THREE FUCKING DAYS to vacate our apt. we tried calling the landlady to find out why but there was no answer, so i called my father (his name is on the lease cause he helped me get the apt) he wasn't home from church yet so we proceded to drive into stockton to see if we could find him, i called him again on kal's celphone right as we hit the city limits and he was home, the connection was bad so i just yelled "we'll be at your house in a few minutes!"

after we got there my father got ahold of the landlady and she refused to talk to him and handed the phone to the eviction lady she'd hired

anyhow the short of it is, they want our apt, presumably because there's no mgmt office on the premisis and that would be OUR unit if there was one

they were very rude and wouldn't even give us a DAY leeway, so TUESDAY at 6pm we've got to be out or they'll put a lockbox on the door and sell our stuff

soooo father rented a storage unit for us and we're going to move everything but essentials into the storage ...........................

and then i don't know what, I'M FUCKING HOMELESS *sigh* there's a possibility we might be able to stay with dom, if not kal's friend dave will let us live in his garage

i'm alternating between being amused at the absurdity of the situation and just sadpissedoff

hi i'm eris, and i have no idea where i'll be living as of Tuesday
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if you live in any sort of complex and you have children you've got to have some sort of consideration for the OTHER PEOPLE THAT FUCKING LIVE HERE GODDAMNIT!

you can't just stick your children in your tiny backyard when they're loud and throwing tantrums cause GUESS WHAT?? your backyard is RIGHT FUCKING IN FRONT OF MY FRONT WINDOW!

goddamn kid sounds like it's locked out (on purpose) and is yelling MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! as loud is it's little stupid lungs can handle

i'm yelling back at this point

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i just pointed out to myself that i curse a lot
if you looked at my account of fray day 4 you will see that my badge says: "hello my name is eris and my favorite word is fuck"



"i feel the meaning and emotion of my words would be limited by excluding obscenities"
who said that?


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