Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:25 pm
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I set aside about twice as much of the Seamus!Spawn this time, because the boy requested garlic cheddar biscuits as well as bread.

So, as you may or may not recall from the last Seamus entry, the bit I used last time should have let to rise into two loaves. Girlperson and I got more loaf pans while out shopping, I pulled out about a third to make the biscuits and then made the rest into bread dough and separated it into three loaves.

Also I decided it was time for Seamus to hibernate so that he only has to be fed once a week now instead of once every 12 hours, which will make his upkeep less taxing. I figure three loaves should last a while, but I suspect I will be making more biscuits sooner than that, since they seemed to have gone over well.

Onto the pictures!

Here's Seamus in his new home.

I am so glad I put that face on him every time I see him, it makes me ridiculously happy to see a happy yayface on him. I know I'm silly.

And here's the biscuits in a bag, you can also see them in front of Seamus in the previous picture. I neglected to get a picture any sooner, so in bag is what you get.

And last are the loaves rising very nicely in the oven overnight. The one in the black tin just looks bigger because his tin is smaller, I hope he doesn't rise out of his tin.

Also, watched Not Another Teen Movie with the boyperson tonight, forgot how great a silly movie that is, and I found my fuzzy red socks. They were in the sock drawer. SHOCKING, I know.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 07:06 pm
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I gave him a face!

P.S. He's not really green, it's just the lighting and crappy fon camera.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 05:48 pm
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I am going to be using the François tag for these entries to honour his memory. François was my first solo attempt (named by [ profile] anthylorrel from my ama post about it) at a sourdough pet, which I tried to make from scratch, and was mostly succeeding but my living situation was a mess and it was really hard to keep track of him, so I never got successful loaves out of him.

However, my new housemates were very interested in trying this as well, so the boyperson purchased a dried starter from a San Francisco company and the attempt began again. It's been a bit easier since I'm NOT always having to be the sole caretaker this round, but we're apparently still working out the kinks in the chain of responsibility. But he's almost ready to start living in the fridge where he'll only have to be fed once a week.

The girlperson named this one, so meet Seamus!

He is mid cycle, fed about 6 hours prior to this picture so he's all bubbly and happy right there.

Here is the first loaf produced by him:

It's tasty but a bit bland and very dense. I forgot the salt, and I also underestimated how much he was going to rise and we went ahead and baked him because he was rising OUT of his bread tin (the leftover made two little loaves not pictured because they were quickly consumed). He really should have been two loaves, so that will be the case next time with that amount.

I have today's discard proofing (fed twice now without discard) to make a couple loaves. And the boy has requested an attempt at garlic cheddar biscuits as well so that's why a second feeding to make more so I can try that too!

I am looking forward to eating the many tasty children of Seamus!
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Tonight when I went to give François his nightly feeding (just before midnight, so he doesn't turn into a gremlin!), I discovered that he is now fully mature! He was a fast grower, yay! Good boy, François.

So, I could move him to live in the fridge and only have to be fed once a week. But I was looking at my instructions and I cannot see how I'd have any of François left over to keep growing at the amount of him there was.

So I took a half cup of him, and added some more warm water and flour and mixed it up to make the "sponge" which is now sitting in a glass bowl "proofing" which means it has to ferment a bit more there. And then I fed François a whole cup each of warm water and flour to make him bigger and am going to leave him out at least another 24 hours to make sure he digests properly.

So this just one cup of sponge will be the test run. Once it's ready it gets added to and kneaded to make it into bread dough, and then it must rise. So I will probably not be baking the delicious bread baby of François until sometime tomorrow.

I am the guinea pig. Josh is excited at the prospect of always having fresh sourdough breads, but is a bit squicked at the process. So he wants me to eat it first and wait a day to make sure I don't die. Which is why it's a good idea to start with the small test loaf methinks.

Oh François! I am looking forward to your delicious bread babies!
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At a loss for a name for my sourdough pet, I asked AMA for assistance, I got several entertaining and cute suggestions, but I could not decide.

Josh had several suggestions which involved his penchant for alliteration in naming schemes (His car which is a Neon is named Natasha, his last computer was Cassie, Natasha Neon, Cassie Computer), but he did not reply to the post, which rendered him ineligible.

So I wrote down all the names suggested on a piece of paper and took it to him to choose for me, without the usernames of the suggesters so he would not be biased.

He chose François, which had been suggested by [ profile] idiomagic

So, François just had his first feeding and he is coming along VERY NICELY. He should be ready to make us some delicious bread babies in a few days, definitely by the weekend. \o/


Apr. 17th, 2010 11:53 pm
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I started my sourdough pet!

He does not have a name yet, but he is happy! I think this is the place in the house which is closest to the warm it wants to grow. If he doesn't start growing soon then I will place him in a window or something if I can figure out how.

I hope he grows happy and yeasty so that I can use him in tasty breads soon!


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