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I slept WAY too soundly on the lovely bed,

Anyhow, who needs hamburger helper when you've got eris?

I made mac n cheese and added spices and such,
and then mixed in some of the faux domchilli.

Very very good, I'm quite pleased with myself.

And then there's this,
this is the view from the cam when I sat it back down,
diet mtn dew butt. Heee

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And gets spots on the perfectly white stove, bleh.

Wheat and honey pancakes slightly browned and mishapen,
and cheesy scrambly eggy weggs.

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I made what the recipe called Austrailian BBQ Meatballs.
But I used more garlic,
some extra spices,
and a bottle of kirin ichiban beer instead of the asked for "instant coffee grounds"

And then, I realized that I had neglected to get any kind of container,
in which to store them in the fridge.

So I put 'em in a pitcher.

eris is teh smrt.

Now they sit,
in the fridge,
in their ... pitcher,
soaking in their sauce.
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Whatever could I be cooking?

The botan rice and the nori sheets are pretty obvious,
at least I think so, but I'm not going to make rice balls till later.

Everything else, I'm making two batches of a similar kind of thing from the beef,
and something specifically from the eggy weggs.


Jul. 27th, 2005 03:17 pm
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J started eating his JO which reminded me I should post the pictures.

These are sugar cookies, made from scratch,
The boobies were made from the leftover dough from the name cookies.


Mar. 9th, 2001 08:46 pm
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i made kal a birthday cake, i posted pictures right after i made it and posted them here where he wouldn't see them

he is on his way home now and i have put candles in his cake and it is waiting for him :)

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oooohyeah i like snacks that say STUFF in the name

not only is it called Jerky Stuff, but it also urges me not to do drugs, ooohyeah

"Congratulations! You have chosen a healthy low-fat snack made from lean beef. King B urges you to say no to drugs and other products which are harmful to your body."

other products? like the chewing tobacco it resembles? >:)

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dom and i went out to sushi, yum
(did i mention yum?)

factoid of the day - eris HATES the word 'factoid' blech!


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