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Any moment now my father and his wife will be showing up,
Mother and her husband will be a little while in coming.
They got stuck in the dam traffic.

This will be the first time,
in almost exactly 10 years,
that my parents have been in the same room.

They spoke over the phone for the first time in 10 years,
during my birthday week.

I took pictures of peanut holding the giant father's day card,
which I will post later.
I'll also try to get some pictures of my father holding it also.

Mini family reunion.
Should be a thing.


Dec. 21st, 2000 03:56 am
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damn me i nearly fell asleep without writing
we went out to dinner with domdomdom and then decided to stay awhile at his house, kal fell asleep on dom's bed while i sat on dom's lap and pestered him while he waited for the rest of his group on everquest, they didn't seem to be showing so he asked if i wanted to go out to the hottub with him :D
i'd forgotten he'd bought a hottub!

so he found me giant dom shorts and a shirt to put on and out we went, the shirt kept billowing around me and i was wearing a bra so i just eventually took it off, the hottub wasn't expecting to have people in it so it wasn't horribly warm started out at 96 and went down to 95 while we were in it even tho it was supposed to be getting warmer

the giant dom shorts were funny, the pockets kept turning inside out and floating up like buoys, lots of silliness, i giggled so much i got hiccups

dom is fun, i missed hanging out with dom

the going over to his house after dinner was unplanned so i didn't have my laptop with me :( i've got to teach that boy to be like my other friends anyhow and let me share his dsl when i visit, the problem is - unlike other friends- he only has the one computer so he's not networked

oh well

ALSO there was some bitching a few posts ago about my father doing an xmas thing and i wasn't invited, well i bitched too soon, he called and turns out his wife is out of town for the holidays and the planned xmas thing was to be me and my brother and the mexican and my father, so since this might possibly be my only xmas in this cute little townhouse, and stuff, we decided to do the xmas thing HERE =D

so i predict lots of strange father and brother cam posing
i come from a long line of crazy freaks, hehe

ok damnit
sleep now
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today we take Spanky to the airport to go to texas for christmas with his family

he will be gone till the 30th :(

tomorrow i have icky scarey stuff to do, i may or may not whine about that later

going out to breakfast first with domdomdom and i think spanky is waking up to come along

gonna miss him :(,
gotta continue to thwart the mother's plans to get me over for christmas

seems my father and his wife's family are doing some xmas thing and my brother was invited but not me *shrug* i know father's wife isn't particularly comfortable with me, or my mexican .... still bothers me of course

i guess i am kinda looking forward to when i/we have money and living in a nicer place (more acceptable) because then my family will like me again,
that is so horrid

sometimes i'm sad that i don't fit in with most of my family
not enough to stop doing what makes me happy though

i think it's funny that one of the most often complements i get in "real life" is that people are comfortable around me, yet i make my own family nervous


as kal says, fuck 'em

breakfast going out time
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remember when biff and i went to church?
remember the rant about it and i said there'd be a new pastor and i'd probably go?
here's an icq conversation with my brother about it
(if you don't remember my parents are divorced and they don't speak to each other)

eris: do you remember if it's this week that the new pastor is supposed to be at fairmont?
Biff: yes
Biff: this week
Biff: thats what I remember
eris: whaca doin this weekend then?
Biff: sitting at home
eris: wanna go to fairmont witht me?
Biff: no
Biff: I've seen you once
eris: :(
Biff: I'll bring mother
eris: i don't care
Biff: k
Biff: I don't want to get gas :P
eris: :)
um curtis and mary might be there
guess i should find out huh?
Biff: lol
Biff: who cares?
Biff: I swear they hide too much
eris: yeah
and WE'RE the kids
Biff: we don't need to make the arragement
Biff: lets just go
Biff: fuck it
Biff: who cares if they see each other
Biff: It might be funny
eris: hehe
suppose i could FORGET that curtis and mary have been going there
Biff: of course
eris: heh heh heh
Biff: why do we need to make them happy were the kids I am tired of pussy footing around
eris: very true
this is like some twisted parent trap
Biff: yeah it is but we don't want them back togeather :P
Biff: we just want BLOOD
Biff: lol
Biff: cough cough
eris: lol
that's why i said twisted
Biff: I know
Biff: I just wanted to say blood OK
Biff: we can ask her witch church she wants to go too? :P
eris: hehe
"oh hey mom, there's a new pastor at fairmont and a potluck and Eris' going"
Biff: blah
eris: blah?
Biff: just blah

anyhow that's about the end of that part of the conversation, and oh yeah biff has been refering to spanky as "replacement brother"
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i was going to respond to qt but then i thought i'd babble here

qt said: I didnt know your brother lived near you. Or that you spoke, for that matter.

so here's a little information about my brother, he is 18, his b-day is feb 4 (so he's saying he's 18 and 1/2 hehe)
we got along like normal siblings (which is to say badly) for most of our childhood, i beat him up allot, he thought it was funny, he's never broken a bone, and i've never broken his bones,hehe.

when i was 17 and he was, oh you figure it out, our parents got divorced, my mother moved out of the house (which my father stayed in and then bought) to a town about 40 mins drive south and my brother went with her.

i didn't really much speak to my mother or my brother for about a year, mostly because my mother and i had been fighting ALLOT before the divorce (me 16 and in college and not following her rules and all)

THEN nearly a year after said divorce my brother just called me on the phone, out of the blue just to bullshit, and we started talking on the phone allot, then we started hanging out more on his ever other weekend visits to my father (more than me just sayin hi and leaving to go out with friends) he came to some of my famous parties, and my friends love him,funny funny kid.

more recently he went away to a private highschool so i didn't get to see him much for a while, this year he's back home with mother for at least another year, he hasn't decided what he's doing with his life yet

and ohyeah, i call him Biff online, as in Biff Lomax, it's one of the many joke names thought up by my father, Biff even paid like 5 bucks to get Biff Lomax on gold letters on the front of one of his yearbooks :)


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