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So I finally figured out how to upload.

Crazy Puta

Nov. 4th, 2006 03:28 pm
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Well ... hello there livejournal.

I was up last night, way longer than usual,
when distressed, get as silly as possible is the way it goes in erisland.
Cornered a friend, and tormented him with me making stupid faces on cam.

Which resulted in me attempting to dress up as a mexican gangster chick.
I only had a camo bandana, not a red or blue one, and no big hoop earrings,
so not quite the whole illusion.

I got caught by the girlroommate all made up like that too.
Which was terribly amusing.

Anyway, on with the fluff.

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These are from the first time I went out to sushi with [livejournal.com profile] coldcontrol
However, didn't manage to take any pictures of actual sushi.

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Trying to show the hair colour, but the lighting isn't very good,
tried to show that the tips of the back are bloo, but it doesn't show well.
And my skin is still a bit dyed under the buzzed bit.

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Since the namebrand red did jack and shit, we're going around again.

Found guards for the older clippers and managed to get the back buzzified.

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The red didn't get red enough, so, dunno.

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Before, can't really tell that the front bit is still darker due to the light. then bleacking

Yay, sorta a strawberry blonde, cam makes it look lighter, but it will do for base colour.

Onward, miles to go before we sleep.

Next, the reddening.
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Apparently my hair decides to go emo while I sleep.

I haven't put the guards back on the fridge door shelves since I cleaned it,
so half the time I open the fridge, something goes flying,
And I curse loudly, pick it up, place it back on the unguarded shelf.

I think this is another metaphor for my life.
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Myself and the cydcat, hanging out.

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I didn't make this entry as soon as maybe I would have,
as I had to wait till [livejournal.com profile] coldcontrol gave me pictures I took with his camera.
his viewscreen flips around so you can see yourself while taking a picture of yourself.
It's all me because I don't get pictures I've taken of other people till they've seen them,
and said I could have them.

I failed at the boobie cookies, but they seemed to be a hit anyway.
I got impatient with the frosting and failed at making pink frosting.
So they were bloody boobies.

I sneakily made sure [livejournal.com profile] filthykitten ate the first boobie cookie,
since it was her birthday party and all.

We didn't end up playing the Zoolander Drinking Game
For People Who Want To Watch Movies Good And Do Other Stuff Good Too.

One dude brought over a silly card based rpg called ..
now I can't recall.
That was entertaining, coop was the drink girl,
and made some excellent drinks.

My hair has to be prepared for the danger of tiny localised thunderstorms.

I stole cooper's glasses and discovered they're pretty much my prescription,
so I could see through them fine.

But I don't know why I'm so chipmunk-faced there.

Then I tried on [livejournal.com profile] filthykitten's glasses,
I could only see blurry confusion through them,
which probably wasn't smart to try while drunkish.
But I achieved a better picture.

There was other things,
There was the pictures of ridiculously good looking friend spilling sangria on the carpet,
and using an entire roll of paper towels to clean it up.

But alas, none of those pictures for you.


Hair today

Aug. 4th, 2006 01:40 am
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Here is a decent picture of my hair now,
this is my natural hair colour,
This is from a few days ago, I'm pointing out that I signed my Serenity poster,
as if I were in the movie, cause I'm stupid like that. :)

What doesn't show up is that my hair is not naturally one colour,
that dull brown is made up of strands of every shade of brown.
So in the sunlight sometimes it's a light brown or a redbrown,
if the light catches those bits of hair.

It's weird, I prefer to have my hair solid colours.

Click to see closeup, natch.
Doesn't really show up so well as it would in light,
but I am entertained enough to make the awkward stand over the scanner worth it.


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