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I'm making a new video,
may take all night, who knows.
Let's see how many times windowsshittymaker decides to crash on me this time!

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I've been up all night editing.

And when I say I've been up all night editing.
I really mean I've been up all night watching windowsshittymaker crash.
And sitting through rendering time,
and uploading to youtube,
and then discovering something wrong,
and fixing it, and waiting for render,
and uploading to youtube,
and discovering my carefully timed fade out got cut off,
by youtube.
And then watching the editing program crash, again.

Again I bitch about the thing,
which I knew to be inferior software,
and really have no right to bitch.

I'm getting it to do what I want,
just have to remember to save every five seconds.

It doesn't give me tight enough control over the audio,
but I've managed to mostly get around that.
Some more precise things I can't do,
because I can't say to it:
"at 54 seconds of clip 2 begin playing specified song starting at 15.33 seconds of the song clip and ending at 34.89 seconds of the song clip"
Glory be, that would be nice.

Frame by frame control would also be nice.
Alas, alas.

So I've got two new videos sitting in private mode,
the 2 minute one that I spent my whole night on,
will likely be posted here later today.

I lie a little about the ALL NIGHT,
there was also rebooting,
and spitefully turning my back on it and reading.

I bitch, but it's totally worth it,
to look at a bunch of clips, see how I want them to end up in my head,
and then make it reality.
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Stupid internets hiccuped and that last post was sitting unposted for an hour or so.
I'd like to rant but I don't have the right.

Can't expect WINDOWS movie maker to do what I want.
It is annoying me, splitting a clip properly is like that spinny light game in an arcade,
trying to push the button right when the light gets to a certain place.
And then it leaves this dead pause on either side of the cut.

And trimming is clicking and dragging in a tiny timeline space,

Damn, I did bitch.
What did I expect, really?
I'll figure out how to work with it, eventually.
However, I'm leaving it alone for now,
will go back to it later when less frustrated.


Sep. 27th, 2006 06:46 pm
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Frustrated by limitations of ONE WINDOWS COMPUTER.

"Hi I'm windows, you don't get to listen to music while cutting clips!"
"Hi I'm hp printer and I won't let you pull clips directly off of card in my reader without making everything studder,

"hi I'm piece of wood and I don't want to burn, hi I'm match and I don't want to burn piece of wood!"


I took pointless video of walk to mailbox,
it has a purpose though,
in this pointless bit of video we intend to achieve,
smoother jumpcuts, better transitions in general,
and figure out tighter control over the audio.

Music suddenly has a whole new purpose.


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