Jun. 23rd, 2001 07:21 pm
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hey aren't i cool?
i just read friends list and spanky bitching about everybody bitching about a certain person
and i thought, when was the last time i said her name
so i did a find on eriscam.com/lj and not one mention of her name in the past 20 entries
so i'm not one of the people he's bitching about!
ok there is ONE friends only entry that really had nothing to do with her
and there's ONE entry with a link to something about her

like i said i'm trying to stay away from the soap@n@opera, i really have nothing to contribute but it amuses me to no fucking end to read it, heh, i'm just like you, i slow down to see why that guy got pulled over sometimes

anyway, i've got way too much to worry uselessly about offline, and online to attempt to not be a whiny drama queen just cause things suck a little
so i shall make a list!

Things that make my life not suck (in absolutely no particular order):
  • i have a mexican and you don't

  • there's a huge @n@ drama and eris and cydniey are practically no where near it

  • the car is currently still able to get from point a to point b

  • i'm getting a kitten

  • there are actually a few people who still consider me a friend and think i'm nifty even if i'm sometimes a stupid head

  • i run nakedparts, oh wait, that's an i'm cool reason, guess it still fits here

  • regardless of where i am right this moment, i'm going to be living somewhere nifty in 5 days

  • i have purple and blue(ish) hair

  • i have a cute little roommate that is fun when he's not annoying the shit out of me, but even that is funny AFTERwards

  • i have a laptop

  • and a desktop computer

  • i have a nifty izone camera

  • it's just about PERFECT temperature right now

  • spanky is NOT currently playing that annoying cheekun song =D

  • nobody that matters is mad at me at the moment (that i know of)

  • i can't think of any more right this moment :)
    but that's a pretty good list

    oh dear me

    Apr. 8th, 2001 07:52 pm
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    lol, well watch out, it's witch hunt time in livejournal

    oh! your post offended me! i'll email livejournal abuse even tho no copyrights were REALLY violated and in other case the pictures in question were hosted on her own server

    so now our ability to link to public sites is going to be censored because people bitch?

    (pictures broken and missing)
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    today is i hate my mother day
    or week
    or month

    screw being enlightened, my mother may love me but she sure as hell doesn't like me

    months ago (some of you may recall) my mother gave me a huge ugly rust spotted dodge station wagon, because it was too ugly to keep in front of her house (the neighbors might talk you know)

    she tells me that i signed something that was supposed to transfer it into my name, a little after spanky moved here it just became too much trouble to drive (radiator, overheating, smoking) so it sat, i'm now trying to get rid of it, i thought i was going to have trouble cause it wasn't in my name,
    she tells me it is in my name
    i call the DMV
    DMV says the car is registered STILL to her husband
    i can't donate or sell a car that doesn't belong to me
    it HAS to be off of this property tomorrow
    she says it's my problem
    refer to above statement of the car doesn't legaly belong to me

    we can't find anyone with a car/truck strong enough to tow the heap of steel, my father and i sure as hell can't push it very far

    so tonight is our last resort, he's going to bring the truck that's not strong enough to tow it and we're going to push it a few blocks away and let nature take it's course, how white trash is that?

    quote from mother "oh push it down the street if you have to, just don't let it get a ticket"

    sure mom, i'll stand guard all day to make sure the car i never wish to see again doesn't get a pretty red sticker and get towed away out of my life forever

    and then coming back in after trying to jump the car with father i catch my ankle in a crack and land on my knee

    *raises both her middle fingers in the general direction of her mother's house*


    Dec. 1st, 2000 03:16 pm
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    i swear the weirdest things happen while i'm asleep, again i'm the one post wonder, HA, all the way at the bottom, i see it's gone on too long anyhow so i probaby shouldn't have fueled it at all, but they started without me damnit!

    hehe anyhow it's all in cyd's journal here: http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=905753#t881185
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    first from #analove:
    ANA> where is cryto?
    ANA> cryo
    spiral> he doesnt come in here now
    ANA> he has stolen a post i made and made it public
    ANA> it was written under the bed
    stacyAFK> arrrrrggggghhhhhhh
    ANA> and now people in alt fan jennicam are attacking me
    ANA> even more
    stacyAFK> i'm going to fucking kill everyone, i am
    spiral> bleh
    ANA> and fuck cryo
    stacyAFK> ugh
    ANA> what channel is he in?
    stacyAFK> ugh
    stacyAFK> ugh
    stacyAFK> #livejournal, i think
    ANA> oh and stacy u should have seen what cryo wrote then deleted!
    stacyAFK> i shouldn't have said that...but the insane negativity...ugh
    stacyAFK> why, was is all about how stupid i am?
    ANA> he said sit yo bitch ass down, to terri
    stacyAFK> oh god
    stacyAFK> no
    ANA> and it soooo incredibly evil
    ANA> then he delketed it

    then she joined #livejournal:

    *** ANA (ana101@ousia-host243.d
    sl.visi.com) has joined #livejo
    ANA> cryo!
    Cryo> what
    eris> ack!
    ANA> take this down immediately:
    ANA> the ana.html u have
    SasaWork> Evening, Ana.
    ANA> that is private
    SasaWork> Nice to meet you for the first time.
    ANA> now it is public
    ANA> take it down
    ANA> hi sasa
    JenZen> yes, nice to meet you for the first time, ANA
    JenZen> you're so friendly
    eris> lol
    ANA> whatever.
    Cryo> hmm.. that's the log from your channel?
    ANA> cryo?
    ANA> take that dopwn, ok?
    JenZen> don't you know me?? i have a cam and a livejournal.
    *** JenZen is now known as Jenny
    SasaWork> Ummmm..... Do you mind if I ask why he should?
    Cryo> ah yes, the one where you thought I said you were psycho
    Jenny> oh, the log that incriminates ANA?
    Jenny> *forshame*!
    SasaWork> Oh, good grief.
    Cryo> I'll take it down
    ANA> he should because that is copywrited by me
    ANA> and it's private
    Cryo> everyone's read it anyway
    ANA> not public
    Cryo> I'm sorry, it was a log file
    Jenny> ya, everyone's read it now anyway
    Cryo> from your channel
    ANA> so it is a copywrite violation
    Cryo> is your channel private?
    lil> since when is irc copyrighted?
    SasaWork> Ana: Query: That's a log from your channel on here, isn't it?
    KaLTHRaX> yes sas
    Jenny> hahaha
    lil> IRC is not copyrightable
    Cryo> but it's irrelevent
    Cryo> I'll take the page down
    SasaWork> Then it's not copyrightable. Anyone could have logged it.
    Cryo> everyone has already been there ages ago
    ANA> what i said ABOUT the irc thing is copywriteable
    Cryo> ana
    Cryo> no.
    Cryo> thank you
    Jenny> ana
    Cryo> drive thru
    Jenny> heh
    eris> wow
    Jenny> thank you
    ANA> u cannot put shit from my site onto your without my permission
    Jenny> irc is not your site
    Jenny> #analove is not your site
    ANA> what i said in mt BBS entry my PRIVATE bbs entry is MINE
    Cryo> what was said in the chat wasn't
    Jenny> it wasn't from your bbs, it was from you chat log
    ANA> u u wanna put that irc entry up
    ANA> then do it yourself
    eris> no he did copy the html
    eris> she's almost got a point
    ANA> or take off sall the words that i say ABOUT the irc entry
    Cryo> ok.. sec
    Cryo> right
    Cryo> I'm taking that down
    ANA> u can do whatever u want with irc logs
    * SasaWork shakes his head.
    ANA> but just don't steal a whole page off of my PRIVATE site
    eris> kinda way after the fact isn't it?
    ANA> so
    SasaWork> Ana: With all respect, you seem to be completely freaking out.
    ANA> so?
    Cryo> removed.
    KaLTHRaX> bah just put quotes on it adn take down the html, then it isnt compywrite theift
    SasaWork> I'd suggest calming down.
    ANA> thank u very much for giving me that respect
    eris> compy?
    ANA> i'll leave now
    KaLTHRaX> nah sas she jsut doesnt like anyone but her rabbid fans to see her bitch
    eris> respect? right
    ANA> thank u cryo
    Cryo> ana?
    *** ANA (ana101@ousia-host243.dsl.visi.com) has left #livejournal
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    ana seems to have decided to leave warped, her entry after she edited out assholes part is on her livejournal

    since i was wandering around looking at little irc servers anyway i decided i'd be helpful
    since i'm sure she'll just delete my helpfull post which is here for now, i copied it below:

    helpful suggestions
    2000-11-07 02:43
    i was looking around out of curiousity
    don't worry, i don't frequent these nor will i

    has about 10 servers, and has chanserv and nickserv so you don't have to worry about having a bot

    has 7 servers, you must apply to register your channel (i'm sure you wouldn't be rejected) again no need for a bot

    those seemed to be the two friendliest
    there's also irc.openprojects.net where the "offical" livejournal channel is but i'm there sometimes

    the entire list here: http://bishop.mc.duke.edu/irchelp/networks/servers/index.html

    you could always ask jenni if you could share her small server: irc.jennicam.org

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    like i said below, cleaning night, in sitting down to take a rest and procrastinating i went to ana's guest bbs and i discover several strings about the guy and his concepts of men being oppressed that had posted on her livejournal

    i do not consider myself feminist by any defininition nor particulary strong even if i'm very independant .. but i can think of no other phrase then "shocked and saddened" at her post, women still think like this? i know PEOPLE can be scary but i don't tend to think: oh no! i have to be careful or a man with RAPE ME!, strike that, i don't think i've EVER thought that

    wait.. if this is a war do we get to shoot men on sight?

    Posted by ANA on November 02, 2000 at 10:37:00:

    In Reply to: More pennies... posted by Ms Fledermaus on November 02, 2000 at 09:28:14:

    fuck ya! right on!

    hell, WAKE UP there is a WAR AGAINST WOMEN EVERYDAY!!!!
    and women ARE on the frontlines of this war EVERYDAY.

    when i leave my house i literally have 2 psyche myself up..watch where i go, carry mace and sometimes a gun, and a camera 2 document the shit that happens around me...and i have to get inside before dark, because if i stay out there after dark "it's open season". and what that means is that if i get raped when it's dark outside...i am just stupid. because i should know better than to go out after dark.
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    (with most inbetween chat cut out for eaiser reading, some left in to give you the full picture that the silliness was mostly ignored)

    kryten and tala joined before cryo
    *** Join: Cryo (JenniChat@aerowaves.warped.com)
    Cryo> woowoo
    SweetPea> I am "black cherry" at the moment.
    Kryten> hi cryo
    SweetPea> they don't make it anymore :(
    Jodi> hey!cryo!
    *** Hrmpf is now known as Tala
    Jodi> cool
    Cryo> moo
    *** Join: fade (dream@kajira.moonshade.org)
    Jenni> Seriously, Harrisburg was cool for the same reason as Sacramento - it's close to a lot of stuff.
    matt> London, England
    Kryten> London sucks
    Jodi> oh, people... don't talk about travel... it's a serious addiction of mine! :/
    * Tala yawns
    Jodi> well...
    mac> You ever seen Nuremberg?
    * Kryten pokes Tala
    Jodi> in the winter, sure!
    Jodi> in the summer, i have to avoid humidity
    Tala> Ow!
    Lise> Yup, matt. My mum's from there.
    * Tala pokes Kry
    matt> CooL! Where you now lise?
    KissyFish> true. but i guess there are alot in Lancaster
    * Kryten looks at Tala
    * Jodi pounces on amy
    * Quex-Ul laments (in a happy way) having another vibrant irc channel to try to avoid while working!
    * Tala looks at Kryten
    * Amy shrieks and runs
    * Kryten sticks her tongue out
    * eris pokes kryten
    Jodi> i had my first heat stroke in the wonderful state of Florida
    * Tala makes googly eyes
    *** Quit: Guest5 (Leaving)
    * Kryten jumps on eris's toe
    * Tala throws a beachball at Eris
    Lise> Ehh -- I live 2 1/2 hours out of the city... very peaceful.
    * eris ducks
    Jenni> I totally needed that. Really.
    eris> beachballs scare me
    * Kryten pinches cryo's bum
    Cryo> back to warped for me :)
    cheshire> anytime babe...same time tomorrow?
    Tala> That would be WARPED.COM
    Jenni> Quite possibly ;)
    Quex-Ul> Ellie: Yeppers!
    Kryten> warped.com...the best web hosts in the known universe?
    *** Quit: Cryo ( chortle)
    *** Quit: Guest7 (Leaving)
    Tala> That one! WAPRED.COM
    * Jodi giggles
    ala> Hmm...WAPRED.COM.....that's neat place, huh?
    KissyFish> well, i gotta go...take the turtle in, and pickup some more stuff for my move this weekend :)
    eris> did someone say warped.com?
    Jodi> Tala, that's enough of that, okay?
    Quex-Ul> Okay, really going now. Really. Uh huh....
    Tala> =)
    Jodi> we like warped.com
    Bailey> oy vey
    Jodi> now stop it or I'll get angry
    cheshire> uhoh jodis gonna get mad...everybody duck
    *** Quit: Tala ( WARPED.COM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!)
    KD> anyone know any sites where I can get good jenni pics?
    SweetPea> how bout jennicam :)
    Sean_M_Sh> try jennicam.org :)
    *** Join: Lisa (JenniChat@user-33qtob0.dialup.mindspring.com)
    *** Quit: fade (give me one more medicated peaceful moment because i don't want to feel this overwhelming hostility)
    KD> I mean naked
    Sean_M_Sh> naked ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Amy> I *thought* that's what you meant!
    Lise> why didn't you just say that?
    Sean_M_Sh> shame on you KD
    Lise> afraid of the boot?
    Jodi> KD: That's poor manners
    KD> ok, im sorry :-)
    * Lise snickers.


    Sep. 28th, 2000 11:05 am
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    well after this i doubt i'll be able to go in jennichat again

    jennicam.com has something dubbed "turbo chat" with the standard java chat
    however seems to be it's own irc server
    irc.jennicam.org #jennicam
    so i got there with my irc client

    here's some quotes i found amusing:

    first thing that catches my eye, hasn't every camgirl said this:

    Jenni> Lately, I'm struck by the most intense urge to shut off the cam, to just stop having to put up with everybody's SHIT. And then I realize if I do that, they've won. I've let their shit overcome the only truth I really know.
    oh convince me to stay, please please (yeah even probably i am guilty of this):

    Jenni> I'm trying not to talk about it on the site because that just fuels it more, and because deep down I think I'm weak for letting it get to me, but this has been one of the hardest periods of my life. Harder than being physically beaten and raped as a teenager
    and this doesn't fuel it?

    Jenni> But knowing that I have Dex, and seeing directions for my life instead of just subjects and issues, and seeing my life in the context of the universe instead of the context of society, I can make it through
    .... uhm ....... what?

    grnbrg> Can you hint at who you're designing a site for? Or no?
    Jenni> If I were certain it wouldn't get around and nobody would try to do anything mean, I would.
    Jenni> Their site isn't very securely hosted, I'm afraid of the #hack group

    ..... yeah

    ---->begin fortune cookie
    Jenni> I just want serenity, and I know it's not going to happen here on earth for any longer than a few minutes at a time.

    Jenni> There is no nobility in being better than another. There is only nobility in being better than you used to be.
    ---->end fortune cookie

    Jenni> Honestly, I'm a lot more 'myself' than I was when JenniCam started
    as opposed to? whom?

    Jenni> I care less about hairstyles and clothes and I don't read magazines or watch TV anymore. I care about my friends and their opinions, I care about other caring people. Everything else is distraction.
    *gasp* she doesn't care about her appearance? i could make a courtney reference to the last part, but i think you're smart enough to've caught that

    Jenni> Dex is out peddling his ass. Trying to find a job still :)
    yeah, uhhuh, yup


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