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We now join our regularly scheduled moving, already in progress.

To re-cap.

A little over three weeks ago we went to look at the perfect condo for rent by owner. A few weeks of negotiating later and it was ours. However we have to have the deposit and first month's rent up front so we're moving out of current place now to save up the money so we can move in on the weekend of December 19th. I'm leaving today and going to stay with my mother in Arizona for the 4 weeks, J is leaving here on Monday morning and then is staying at a friend's place here in town for the same time period.

I'll be taking my computer to mother's house so I'll be online for working and stuff while there. Hopefully we will get it timed properly so we won't be without internets too long once we move into the new place.

This will be the longest time period that I will have spent in my mother's company since I was 18, so hopefully we won't kill each other. However, it's been a terrifically difficult week as I ended up getting sick right before we got the official YES and began official packing, and J was working overtime the entire week and wasn't here. So I'm looking forward to the quiet of my mother's house in the middle of the Arizona desert.

So, goodbye lovely little apartment suites complex that treated us well for just a week shy of a year and a half. It's been the nicest and friendliest apartment management staff I've ever dealt with and aside from the smallness of the apartment, and a few months of a rowdy neighbour, it's been awesome.

Stayed a little longer here than we would have liked, but it worked out for the best, made our rental history look even better, and landed us a new home at which we'll put down some serious roots for a while.

This is almost turning into some sort of awards acceptance speech so I might as well thank some people, heh.

Both of my parents have been awesome through this, mother with the providing me a place to stay for a bit, and Curtis with the always being there for me to talk to. And Mouse, and Selene, and Spanky and SCSi, and everyone else I've forgotten for being there for babbling.

And lastly but MOSTLY, girlperson and boyperson for helping out with our little furry child, that has been more help and appreciated than I even have proper words for and I'll probably be trying to find said words for a while. And that J guy, for just being the most awesome roommatebestfriendwhateverguy ever.


(see you from Arizona)
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Thank you all whoever prayed thought good thoughts regarding the catbeast situation.

J talked to owner's son today, and WE CAN BRING HER! ... eventually. They just want 3-6 months of making sure we pay our rent first, to make sure we're actually staying, then we can have her.

So we just need to find a place for her to stay for at most, six months. Well that's going to be difficult, mostly for her, it's better than nothing. With all the foreclosures and layoffs there's so many pets out of homes it's so hard to find anywhere for them. On top of that she's so damn picky, takes her a long time to get used to a people, next to never to get used to another furry person. The good thing is at only 3-6 months we'll just buy her food still for whomever is lodging her. Since she only eats the one kind.

So owner is doing the calls himself this week, to verify employment and rental history, so it's pretty much good to go cause when they call they'll just learn exactly what we told them.

And stupid ass neighbor is playing his stupid ass music, stupid ass loud and shaking my wall.
Fuck you guy, you can torment the next tenant, HA!
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I don't believe in gods, as in deities that are heads of religion. I believe if there's any power to any of that it's just the power of people's belief.

So in a weird round about way, I believe in prayer.

Not the Dear Heavenly Father, blahblahblahgimmieblah, amen, sort of thing necessarily. But people thinking good thoughts and hope thoughts for other people. I think if enough people just purely and honestly want something to happen, it happens.

So, that being explained, please "pray" in whatever way you do so, that we get this condo, and that either we get to keep the catbeast, or that we find her a perfect home.

Be my Ka-tet?
Thankee, Sai.
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Had talked J into going to First Friday, it's the first time I actually went instead of just working the trolley.

After getting ridiculously lost cause the bus had construction detours, we finally got to the outdoor festival. Had some tacos, had a booze. I had a delicious Baily's and coffee and he had a rumandcoke. Looked at pretty trinkets, watched some breakdancing, listened to a yelly poem from a guy on stage who apparently has a tiny penis and needed to yell about it. There were crazy FREE HUGS people around, and one yelled that they were giving out Lice and Herpes, and I got hug attacked by them. So apparently I got lice and herpes at First Friday. It was pretty fun, just nice to do something random and nonOMGVEGASy.

Home now, tired.

We may go look at a condo for rent by owner tomorrow. J stumbled across the listing sorta by accident. It's in our price range, it's on a good bus route, it's walking distance from our favourite grocery store. He called and left a message this morning before he left for work, owner called back while we were at the festival so he didn't hear it and it went to voicemail. She said to call tomorrow before 10am and we might get to go give it a look.

I dunno if we can even afford movein costs right now, but if the owner likes us maybe we can work something out. It's probably unlikely but it's really a perfect price and location, so I can hope a little.

And then grocery trip on Sunday. It would make sense to do it tomorrow if we're looking at the condo right next to our store. But we take rolly luggage to grocery shop with, and that might be kinda crass to go look at a condo, while dragging luggage. O HAI WE THOT WE'D MOVE IN NAO.


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