Nov. 16th, 2000 09:22 am
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after being at comdex we went back to the hotel and then got picked up by doc for dinner, Cyd hasn't been feeling well but she cooked anyhow, wonderfully good food

i had had a scratchy throat while waiting for doc, it just got worse as the night progressed, so we came back to the hotel and shrubber was sweet and got me juice and stuff, i just woke up a bit ago, throat is not happy, don't feel as feverish, rather glad i got sick on the last day here..

my flight outta here is at noon-something.......

maybe i'll make another entry before i leave, maybe not

AT comdex

Nov. 15th, 2000 04:31 pm
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i'm at a novell display, i checked email and i'm updating this from the web client,i believe my cam is still on in the hotel room
my feet are tired, i was not succesful in any tshirt getting but i got a bunch of mircrosoft coffee
we still haven't been out of the convention center, now i know why this thing is a week long, it's soo damn huge!
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2 things learned today:
1. Mexicans can fly.
2. Geeks emit dust.

didn't have my badge from cyd yet so whenever it was that shrubber and i woke we went to the buffet, the wandered around Circus Circus, saw a flying mexican show in the circus part, then we went over to the hilton and went on the star trek ride
then after we wandered around some more then went to Quarks bar and got a WARP CORE BREACH which is a giant bowl of booze with dry ice, and some good food too :)

then we went to the club where cyd was going to be reading and acted like 7th graders and had fun and now we're back and i'm again tired as fuck

this entry is more detailed than the last, but i'mstill tired
and stuff and things
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it's nearly 7am and i'm awake and cold
i've got me to wash and clothes to wash
and i had more to say when i sat down here

i'll be in vegas for a few days for Comdex

then a few days after i come home i'll leave again for GA to see the warped gang for thanksgiving, Spanky will also be leaving the same day to go to texas for the holidays but he won't be back till after xmas


then a few days after spanky gets back Courtney is having a little party of sorts, Dec 2, sounds silly and fun, and i don't have to FLY to get there

i'm gonna be tired of flying for a while after all this maybe?

maybe not.

of course cams and laptop coming with me
both cams.

cyd thinks she can put me on her network?
but i have earthlink so i'll be on from hotel room as well

washing and packing to do



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