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Hello friends, I was gifted a basic tablet as moving present and I have installed the social medias on it, so I thought I'd give you an update: as some of you already know my daddy, Curtis, is in hospital. He had major surgery on Sunday night to stop internal bleeding. They removed a good chunk of his colon and explored around to make sure there was no other bleeds or cancer, NO CANCER WAS FOUND!

After the breathing tube was out and he was more coherent the brother and his ladyfriend got to visit father. Then he was able to call and talk to me the next day and I have NEVER been so relieved to hear his voice! He is to be in ICU for ten days from Sunday's surgery and then have another, less massive surgery to reattach his, now shorter, colon.

Also I moved 'cross town that same Sunday, so it's been a bitch of a week.
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My brother called me earlier and sang part of this on my voicemail earlier. It was one of our favourite short toons when we were kids.

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I've started drawing again. I've re-learned something that I learned in college and forgot. I can only put so much technical information into my brain before I start getting creatively itchy. In college I took up watercolour painting, even took a class. I need to find some online classes about perspective though, because that's something I've found I have to constantly relearn.

I've always enjoyed drawing/painting but have always been frustrated that I cannot make the pictures in my head match what my hands can put down on paper. The only real area of this in which I have some talent is that I'm a human copier. I can copy 2d images just by setting them side by side. I've made some pretty amazing xmas and vday cards this way. But I have trouble with photos over other drawings, and I have trouble coming up with original ideas. So I started one of those 30 drawings in 30 days lists. However, I'm not making it a priority to do it in 30 days, but will do 30 drawings.

#1 was a self portrait. I think I'm actually going to end up doing a few different sorts of these before moving on. The first one is a "copy" of a picture I took. I opened it up big on screen, set sketch book on desk, and tried to just draw within the ability I have and not get frustrated. This was my result, photo first, my drawing second, though I'm sure you could have just told them apart.

Medium: Ticonderoga #2 pencil, basic coloured pencils, Basic sketch book, the paper is sort of like light weight canvas. As you can see I've still some serious issues with perspective, but I still like it.

I don't know if I'm ready to try drawing my face again, yet. Or even a full body view, that is the primary goal in this particular category.

So there's my "arts".


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