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Hello all my journals, this is what's going on.

I am sorry livejournal, you had your place and time, but I don't think you're long for this world. I have a bit over A DECADE of history in this journal, and it was recently pointed out to me that if the issues in Russia escalate and the lj servers are borked, I'd lose it all. I managed to import a fuckton into deadjournal with a third party thing some years ago, but a lot still got lost in the xfer. So I finally up and did the import to dreamwidth thing

Deadjournal, we cool, I'm sorry I haven't kept up on xposting to you but I think I've fixed that issue now.

I intend to keep putting content into livejournal until it dies but I'm likely to not visit the actual site as much. I'm user #2 on deadjournal and have a lot of loyalty to its masters. Dreamwidth was the easy to import to thing and I managed to hook up a chain xposting dealy so I can just post once in semagic and it goes to all three. If you're my friend on lj then you can openID sign into dreamwidth and you'll see all the previous things you could before, I'll try to figure out how to do that with deadjournal friends as well.

I'm a little sorry I didn't jump ship when dw first came on the scene because someone took eris, and her dw account is full of entries that are NOTHING like me, alas. But having eris accounts EVERYWHERE doesn't really matter to me like it once did, so I'm fine with that also.

This means I may start posting more, as I've recently re-noticed how much this bloody journaling thing helps my memory stick together. If anyone can tell me how to make semagic automatically insert a footer on each post that'd be briliant. For now the thing below is simply

(Cross posted on dreamwidth/deadjournal/livejournal)
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