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I did this a bit over a month ago, and promised pictures to a few people, never got around to it until now.

As a couple of you may already know, I have a thing where I cannot sleep in a room with a mirror. So (as you will see in pictures) I had it covered by a blanket. I tried to just GET OVER IT and deal, I lasted 2 and a half days after moving in, and I just kept getting more and more anxious and uncomfortable. So up went a blanket. However, blanket pinned up is incredibly ugly and such, and the frame of the mirror is gorgeous and it was just a waste of space to have big blanket pinned up there.

So my first idea was to turn it into an art. That is, get a nice solid colour of contact paper, put down a base, and then cut out shapes and stuff of other colours to make it some sort of abstract art thing. Whilst I was looking at contact paper colours, I DISCOVERED THAT CONTACT MAKES BLACKBOARD PAPER. So plan changed to that.

Most of the pictures make it look a lot more perfect than it is. There are a few wrinkles in the upper left, and after some use the seam in the middle is obvious, but it's not nearly as obvious/annoying as I had anticipated.

In short, I LOVE IT TO BITS. The last picture is a just now picture, clearly I need to edit my calendar and put something up other than Mr. Jack-o-lantern.

Covered in blanket.

The naked mirror, showing messy desk and end table, READY FOR CHALKBOARDING!

First side in progress.

First side done.

Another view of first side done.

All covered, a close up view showing the pretty scrollwork up top.

Full view of all done.

Priming the chalkboard!

Priming the chalkboard another view!

I was explaining to a friend the purpose of said priming, and he had suggested that I shouldn't have done so and had just initially drawn a penis so that would "burn in", so I drew this for him. AFTER priming, though.

Close up of my Jack-o-lantern.

Current that needs to be updated, and I couldn't seem to manage to not make it blurry.
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